What wondering before making application for an MBA?


At one time, it does not even pose the question. With a Masters in Business Administration in his pocket, the chances of a successful career skyrocketed. Today, the question remains open, with whole teams of students chasing a place in the best companies in the world. But it is still no guarantee of success taking an MBA in one of the top business schools?


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Numbers and opinions, perhaps, tell us more…

  1. Excessive offer: In 10 years, the number of Masters Degrees in Business Administration in the US has risen by 74% (about 126 thousand programs). The same Deans admitted: “MBAs are used to fill the coffers of our universities.”
  2. Reputation: Today, companies no longer see an MBA as an added value, preferring to invest in their young people, without running the risk that they may end up in talent incubators, such as modern business schools.
  3. Money: The average of the salaries of graduate in business administration has definitely declined over the past decade. The prices have risen and the cost / opportunities have skyrocketed.

Nevertheless, today there are still business schools offering MBA worthy of its name. Others at the level of a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Careful analysis is essential before jumping headlong into one of these tough post graduate programs.

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Here are some questions to ask yourself absolutely:

The sector in which job or where I want to work requires the skills that I could learn?

What you learn here will help me?

I want to earn or learn?

Is it worth the cost? (Considering that the average debt of students under 35 is $ 80,000)

The top managers of the last decade did not need to do these reflections, but now the market is smaller, more competitive and much less accessible. Do it, then, only if you believe to be the best. Here are the rankings of the top 5 full MBA program drawn up by the US magazine Bloomberg Business week:

  1. University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  2. Harvard University Harvard School of Business
  3. University of Pennsylvania The Wharton School
  4. Stanford University Stanford Graduate School of Business
  5. Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management

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