What are the most difficult subjects in Economics?


First of all, it must be considered that the difficulty of a subject is certainly not always the same: in fact much changes both depending on the student’s attitudes and second (and perhaps above all) the rigidity of the teacher and his assistants. However, today we want to provide you with an article in which we will indicate the most difficult subjects to Economics. This is a ranking that many of the students of this degree will certainly share.

The most difficult subjects in Economics: Economic Statistics

It is certainly one of the most difficult subjects, requiring a high dose of effort. It is no coincidence that it is indicated as one of the most difficult by almost all students of Economics.

The most difficult subjects in Economics: Private Law

Economics students do not really like law. Probably because they are used to studying other things and therefore the approach to the study of legal matters is increasingly complex. Nothing more natural. If you add to this the fact that very often the professors of law do not pass the subject in a simple way, you’re done.

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The most difficult subjects in Economics: Commercial Law

The considerations made for Private Law are more or less in this area. It is certainly one of the most difficult subjects in Economics. Several times I have heard: but if I study Economics because I have to study these subjects too? Well we believe it is absolutely necessary, if you want to work in a company or in the economic-financial field in the future, have at least the bases of Commercial Law.

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The most difficult subjects in Economics: General Mathematics

And this is, in all likelihood, the biggest rock of all. It is located in the first year of the course but certainly not few students return it at the end of the degree course. General mathematics usually consists of a written exam and a subsequent oral exam. But only a meticulous study is needed to overcome the former. If we have generally indicated the subjects that appear to us the most complex in Economics, this probably deserves the most difficult scepter of all.

Do you think there are other very complex subjects that we did not mention in this article? Well, if you can write your opinion in the space reserved for comments.

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