Ways which you yourself boycott on tests?

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Sometimes we think are the nerves, others that it is the teacher, other that the examination was too difficult or maybe not study enough … the low grade on a test may be for many reasons but only you who are you boycotting to make it worse. It is true that there are tests that your note may depend on your future and it is normal to want to get the best possible note, but you forget the bad habits.

Here are some ways in which it is possible that such actions are affected your score, once you know and learn to solve, can cope much better the next review and give an opportunity for your score even higher.

boycott on tests

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How we boycotted in exams

There are students who think they know by heart all content is safe to pass, and nothing further from reality! If you memorize everything, but you do not have enough skill to then dump the information in the examination or to relate the contents, it is likely to note your exam is not what you expect.

A review is far more important to know your words explain the content that you know are asking or solve problems with ease, using your logic along with the knowledge, to learn everything by heart without understanding what you are studying. In addition, you must have the skills such as reading comprehension, critical thinking or solving problems well developed.

To solve this problem you will have to start relying more on your possibilities, studying with time and practice whatever is necessary to trust your capabilities and your learning ability.

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If you think you are not able to pass the exam before even trying, you’re already lost! You are labeling yourself as “incapable” and are having a distortion of reality. If you think you cannot, you just do not will be, but if you think if you can get it, I’ll be going for the best way! Because you’ll be giving you a chance to do well.

An examination is not a guaranteed failure, calculates the errors in tests that you made in the past and learn from them, maybe little studied? You may not trust your chances? Take a chance because you did that you can get it, but you want to do it, and act to get it! So at least 30 days before the test write on paper to see it well: “Yes I am able to pass the exam”. As we approach the days and start studying, Put on that same note everywhere! So both you and your brain will begin to give you that if you can pass the exam, and everything you set out to get!

What do you think these ways that you yourself you boycott on tests? Are you okay?

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