Use your nose to store!


Another method of study to consider: Use your nose to store topics. How does it work? Take a look here.


Imagine you’re a university exam, sitting in front of the answer sheet. Surely you would be able to remember as much as possible. Did you ever come across a perfume after so many years and to relive memories and images you thought you have forgotten? This is called “Proust Effect” and you can try to exploit it to your advantage!

use-your-nose-to-storeUSE THE NOSE TO STUDY

It is unusual to speak of the nose and sense of smell when referring to the field of school and study. Instead according to many scholars it seems that the scents are able to give us a hand , thanks to their potential. The fact of feeling a perfume in itself has no special powers to make you memorize. It counts the association that makes your brain the scent and what you are reading. That’s how you create new tracks in your memory.


As you study a subject that just will not fit in the head, put on some perfume, or light a candle with a particular scent. Or use a shave or a shampoo with a characteristic aroma. There are scents that are classically referred to study . Mint is recommended to keep active and awake. Lavender instead serves to relax the nerves and calm down. But the truth is that you can choose the flavors that you like the most, because the time you spend studying to be as pleasant as possible, especially when a topic is difficult to learn. You can decide whether to change fragrance according to the subject that you can not understand, or do they always use the same perfume.

To have a little something extra in the day of the exam, if you can remember to wear the same scent. It gives you the feeling of being transported back in time, in the hours when you were learning the answers to the questions that you are doing the exam. Thus increases the probability of being able to call to mind what you have studied.

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