Top 5 movies for students of Musicology and Musical Heritage

This week we turn to the students of Musicology and Musical Heritage. Here are the movies to watch at least once!

Here again with our long-awaited address book with the basic tips for students. What students? Of everything! Each appointment a different matter! This week we turn to the students of Musicology and Musical Heritage. What are the five works (Between Film and TV Series) fundamental? Discover them with us!top-5-movies-for-students-of-musicology-and-musical-heritage

  1. Vynil

Monumental productive effort Scorsese that sets up in 10 episodes a piece of rock history. Set in a very short time (1973), the series manages to evoke through the members of a record label incredible amount of references, citations and rock legends. You’ll find Andy Warhol, Alice Cooper, Elvis, Bo Diddley, and many, many others.

  1. CBGB

Unfortunately Vynil stops with the first season, because of the excessive production costs. It stops with the protagonist who comes to knowledge of the local CBGB (real-life) that a little later would become the New York punk rock platform. Luckily for you there is a movie about CBGB. So if you put Vynil appetite, you can still satisfy continuing with CBGB.

  1. The Concert

Changing genre (music) we dive into the world of classical music. With an entertaining and successful comedy. It forgives some romantic fiction license in favor of a final result enjoyable. One way to appreciate a musical genre no longer common.

  1. Amadeus

How Vynil will put you feel like CBGB. The concert will put you want to see Amadeus. Bio-pic of the famous composer. Opera incredibly accurate and rich.The life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will keep your eyes and ears glued to the screen.

  1. The Boat That Rocked

To round off our top: the exclusion for reasons of a host of major titles (Ray space, The Rose, Blues Brothers, etc …), we want to leave with Pirate Radio. If you have difficulty to face an exam, if you forgot why you love music, there is nothing better than the bizarre crew of Radio Rock pirate ship that hosts the most popular radio of England.

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