Too many exams coming? Learn and use the tomato technique

To fully understand what the tomato technique is, one must first learn to make peace with “time” by starting to see it as an ally

An ally in the daily study that, along with many other factors, can make our university performance soar.

How do we see time?

Often the time factor is seen as negative, as something that runs away and can no longer turn back. We hear more and more often comments like “I don’t have time to do anything”, or “I have to study otherwise I won’t be ready in time for the exam”. And if instead we said: “This is the time I have available, now I have to invest it in the best way to make it productive”.

Therefore, before starting to talk about the tomato technique it is appropriate to achieve some goals …

  • Eliminate completely the anxiety that comes with thinking about time
  • Try to find a way to maximize concentration, minimize interruptions
  • Estimation and work in the studio must be satisfactory

The tomato technique, let’s see what it is

As mentioned above, this type of technique serves to exchange the role that time has in our study from a bitter enemy to a faithful ally. In fact, in this case the “hourglass” factor plays a fundamental role.

  1. Plan: You have to get up in the morning, or do it late in the evening the day before, and try to organize the day
  2. Detecting: It is necessary to do it every hour of study, or every few hours. It serves to understand if we have results in the short spans of time
  3. Record: Record everything we did during the day so that we could pin down and figure out if we worked well or badly. Raw data
  4. Elaborate: Take the raw data of the recording and transform them in such a way as to make them “valuable”
  5. Visualization: It serves to observe the work as a whole and to go to climb that tiny piece that goes to make up the great work

To start studying some basic elements are needed …

  • Kitchen timer
  • A sheet divided into “Chapters to study today”, “pages to be studied today” or “Things to do today”. Choose what you want to do in the timeframe.

All the activities that we will play in our study session will be divided into 30 minutes, of which 25 minutes will be devoted to the study and the remaining five minutes to rest or break.

Do not use your mobile or social media during the 5-minute break

Going to browse your Facebook or Instagram home page is a very serious mistake committed by the “unprofessional”. In fact, often if you go to browse the social news one leads to another and you no longer end up reading our friends’ message boards so as to spend the 5 minutes without us realizing it. Even worse if we read a piece of news that interests us and that, despite stopping the reading at exactly five minutes, it remains in our mind and obscures it for the whole study time.

It is therefore necessary to ensure that we respect the minutes and seconds that we allow ourselves by exploiting in particular those 25 fundamental minutes in order to deepen our knowledge of the matter.

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