Tips to increase the effectiveness of children and youth

How to get children to make an effort, be persistent with homework tests, and perform better?

The efficacy is the belief in the abilities that each person has to achieve a goal. T he effective learners are more likely to challenge or test yourself with homework.

Students put a high degree of effort to meet their goals and failures attributed to things that are under your control instead of blaming external factors. Effective people also have the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and ultimately high chances to achieve their personal goals.

increase the effectiveness

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Those with low self-efficacy, however, have the belief that they cannot succeed and therefore are less likely to make great efforts for their goals, therefore difficult tasks considered as threats to be avoided. Therefore, people self-efficacy have few aspirations for academic achievement, are disappointed and begin a cycle of negative feedback.

Be highly effective is equal to have the will and desire to persevere. The biggest predictor of success is not IQ or talent, but a high level of perseverance.

Can you educate and teach to improve efficiency? Yes, the following factors help to increase efficiency and perseverance in students.

Students need to experience what it is to fight for something or someone, when students are struggling with a difficult task, must resist the temptation to swoop in and save him, they have to take it as part of learning:

  • Encouraging students by word.
  • Teaching strategies to overcome frustration
  • When possible, offer several opportunities retrying a job that has not gone well.

A class is a place that is valued more than homework and tests, also allows students feel safe to take academic, such as creative expression of thoughts, ideas , strategies and decisions. Students also need to see and hear examples of success that arose several failed attempts, whether famous stories or personal experiences.

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Must be given the opportunity they get things they think they are out of reach, they need learning opportunities that are a little beyond their current level of knowledge.

In projects based learning, students have to learn some intermediate skills needed to be persistent long-term and achieve their goals. Examples: How the weather affects the type of food? How could civil war have been avoided? These are questions that may not be direct with the subject matter that you submit or studying for an exam, but help you understand it better, and especially to give your personal opinion.

A good teacher should reflect with students about their progress and discuss their improvements honestly, as assessed by the teacher perform, objectives and learning methods.

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