Tips to improve spelling

Whether you’re a teacher you want your students improve spelling, as if you are a father / mother you want your children to do or are a student and are aware that should improve these aspects, then I’ll explain some tips improve spelling and computer spell check is not your salvation.

List of words

The first thing you have to do is a list of words that you find difficult to identify you or that you have writing problems frequently. Practice again and again. Write the words at least 10 times; practice a little each day until you feel you type them correctly.

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Spell out

The words that you have more difficulty must spell them aloud and then say them correctly. Then spell the word on paper and retype it. You will be surprised how little by little they will not be much trouble for you.

Prefixes and suffixes

Prefixes and suffixes are important to have them clear for proper spelling, so you have to check the rules and keep them clear.

Memorize difficult words

If you know that there is a group of word you do not speak or seem harder you account, then feel free to copy and try to remember them when you should use them you know how. Observing and memorizing the words will help you write them correctly. To memorize can group them by subject or group of families.

Reading a lot

An excellent idea to improve spelling is to read a lot. The words become familiar words if you see often, and this will have to read and watch them again and again. The more you read, the better your vocabulary and better you can write the words. And you would never know it you’re improving!

Mark the difficult words

If while you are reading a book or other document find words that you find difficult to understand, then do not hesitate to mark them for later to look them up in the dictionary and thus understand its meaning and learn well how to spell. So you can practice.

Write, write and write!

Only you learn to write by writing, so do not hesitate to write poetry, texts, stories, letters … whatever you want but make you feel comfortable while you’re doing. Once you’ve finished writing, look at your potential misspellings and copy the words were not well written little to improve it. Do you have any more way to improve spelling? Which of these strategies do you do better? If necessary, do not hesitate to combine them to improve your spelling as soon as possible and have a flawless writing.

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