The six enemies of the student novice in the kitchen

When you are an off-site student and address the kitchen alone for the first time, you need to watch a series of situations that could prove counterproductive.

Admit it right away. Most of us is a complete incompetent in the kitchen once you find yourself alone, 1 vs 1, without the valuable help of mothers. The truth is that the first time in the kitchen, like all the first few times, it is almost a shock if you are not in the least prepared.

the-six-enemies-of-the-student-novice-in-the-kitchenWe assume that you have just passed the university entrance exam, He enrolled at your faculty, rented a beautiful room with roommates … now the rest is all in your hands. As always. The problem is that you are technically ready as a teetotaler at the Beer Mile … and that is where the problems begin. The enemies of him who are beginners are immediately noticeable …

  1. The dishwasher

We assume that you are lucky and have at home a dishwasher to wash it all for you. In itself would already loud cheers except that you realize you do not know how to:

  • Fit correctly pans, dishes and glasses
  • Choose the right detergent to be used and / or whether to discard the same card
  • The general wash settings
  • Simply turn it on and put it into operation
  • The pasta

After a week of unlikely referrals to gourmet semi-serious and repetitive pasta with tuna (canned), you decide it’s time to try something different: why do not I make a nice as always prepares my mom? All nice until you realize that you do not know what are the ingredients and its preparation steps. No problem: there is internet for all this. However, the result tends to be the same poor.Because? Read the next point.

  1. The doses

The touch is important. Knowing the amount to be used is even more. It is no accident if your pasta carbonara is a concoction of pieces of dry egg with unsalted pasta. You have strangely mistaken your maths and, above all, you’ve just attended the poorer dinner ever. Yours. And it is at this time you decide to retrace your steps desolately. Now and always will be pasta with tuna.

  1. The refrigerator

The number one rule of using the refrigerator is … consume all in good time and keep clean. Incurs the problem when you have a good organizational system that allows you to figure out what to consume and when to consume it within. Do you often find and willingly with radioactive fridge: each time you open an oxygen particle commits suicide. Try to be careful.

  1. The monotony

Pasta with tuna for lunch, salad in the evening. Pasta with tuna for lunch, salad in the evening. Pasta with tuna for lunch, salad in the evening. Pasta with tuna for lunch, salad in the evening. Pasta with tuna for lunch, salad in the evening. Pasta with tuna for lunch, salad in the evening.

He repeats 7 times a week when you do not come home on weekends. An ‘invisible’ problem but turns out to be heavy when you repeat it for months. Know that an escape every now exists.

  1. The coffee table in the room

You are a student out of office. You have the room completely free. The PC attached to your TV. Streaming ready to go. Parents 200km away … It’s time to show off all the beauty to dine in peace on the sofa at home while you taste your favorite show. A recommendation put everything away at the end of the show.Place dirty plates and glasses until the next day because of laziness is bad.

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