The School Year Abroad: What it is for? How it works?

Are you aged between 15 and 18 and want to invest in your future by improving your language skills? Attend a school year abroad to gain the command of a new language, but also to confront a new culture and enrich your personal baggage …

Preparations for the school year abroad

Are you thinking about attending a study period abroad? Very well! Keep in mind that the school year abroad needs a long preparation period made up of precise deadlines, essential to prepare the necessary documents – opening the file, bank transfers, passport and visa for non-European countries – and to organize at best your study stay.

Started the practices you will begin the online training course that will be useful to acquire the language skills necessary to better face your year of study abroad. This phase will end in June when you will have the opportunity to participate in a national training camp.

The School Year Abroad

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The school year abroad is an important investment. We know this and for this reason, we offer the possibility of reducing participation fees by taking advantage of scholarships for merit – scholastic merit, linguistic competence, commitment in the development of the e-learning training platform – and by destination.

To participate in the scholarships you will have to send a letter of candidacy from the school accompanied by the school results of the previous three years, the complete dossier and the payment of the 25% deposit of the participation fee.

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Programs and destinations

If you decide to attend a school year abroad, you have the possibility to choose between four different programs designed according to the country you want to know (BASIC program), to the school you wish to attend (PLUS program), to the precise location where you want to go (AREA SELECT program) or based on all of these factors (SCHOOL SELECT program).

Many students start from the choice of destination. The destinations proposed in our catalog are so many and include all the continents. The most popular among the students are undoubtedly in the United States, where you can attend a high school. The training path is characterized by a great interdisciplinary between the different subjects, with a strong propensity for information technology, applied to each teaching. In Europe the top destinations are England and Ireland, France, Spain and Germany. Each country has a different school system, but you do not have to worry: we will recommend the type of school that best suits your course of study.

Discover all the destinations of our school year programs abroad and choose the one that’s right for you. We’ll take care of the rest!

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The school year abroad

Browsing accompanies you to new countries, where you can live experiences that you will need to grow and that you can put to good use in your studies and your professional future. We are convinced that only by experiencing everyday life and discovering new ways of being can we learn new ways of expressing ourselves. This is our philosophy. The experience of the school year abroad will be exciting, will allow you to grow at 360°: you will learn a new language by taking a dip into a new culture, you will meet new friends and you will have the opportunity to get involved and bring out the best of you. But you do not have to do everything on your own!

Carefully select schools abroad and we guarantee ad hoc professional assistance of high-level figures, composed of operative staff, area representatives, psychologists, trainers, anthropologists, gynecologists, nutritionists, former students. We leave nothing to chance to allow you to experience this truly unique experience, which has an impact on many aspects of your personality. Thanks to the school year abroad you will improve your transverse skills learning to use your personal characteristics – even those you do not yet know you own! – to cope with the new environment and immerse yourself in a different culture and language. Ability to relationship, problem solving, decision making, communication, organization of work, time management, adaptation to different cultural environments and stress management are considered essential in the workplace and will be useful in all circumstances of the life.

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