The school of the future through the early programming

I remember how my mother was one day to late at night sewing, drawing and preparing the costume, bunch of grapes, he had to wear to school the next day because I was learning the vowel U on the agenda. So we learned. Without technologies and everything “by hand”.

Times have changed a lot. A good example of this is in Singapore that from this year, changed its method of learning, making programming a core subject. Students begin to learn from three years to develop the “computationalthinking”.


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From six years, when they start school, they are ready to start learning with Scratch, a platform developed by the MIT to learn programming. They start with the easiest versions as they go up in courses, Iran proving more complicated versions up to the advanced.

The result is that a primary class looks like a classroom welcome a prestigious university in Switzerland. Drones flying, technological pianos on the floor, circuits with 40 computer mice that move alone … and all managed, created and children 10 and 12 years controlled.

The difference in a country that creates technology

A country with few natural resources and five million inhabitants is very clear what their main raw material: its inhabitants and technology development. The project is to become the first intelligent country in the world, where technology is the basis of education. For educating future workers will allow them to lead the technological revolution that both venerate.

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For two years, normal neighborhood schools, which do not highlight anything, take children using tablets. Everyone knows schedule and are used to dealing with robots or 3D printers, considering the drones as part of their school material. The project called ‘Playmaker’ is already established in 160 schools, and already reaches more than 10,000 students between three and six years, according to official figures reveal.

The goal that has marked the Singapore Government is that children begin to develop from small computational thinking, i.e. they begin to reason with technology. They use programmable toys and robots. Then move the program Code @ SG, which is already reaching 110,000 students between 6 and 12 years.

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