The rule of 2 minutes to stop putting

For proper management of university life you have to apply the rule of two minutes during your day. Here it is and how it works.

Study method of rule two minutes

The Two-Minute Rule to pass the exams. Want to keep up with the academic world? You have to lose the habit of procrastinating and not knowing how to manage time at your disposal. Many of the tasks that postponements are not really too difficult or challenging, and certainly do not lack the ability to initiate and carry them out. Most likely you do not apply because of laziness or because you make yourself be distracted by another.

With the Two-Minute Rule you cannot hold back! This rule says that if you take less than two minutes to do something, then you must do it now. Despite seeming simplicity, in reality it is only in appearance, since you’ll need a bit ‘of time to put it into action automatically. Try it now!


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Method of study of rule two minutes: What you need to do?

The activities that you can start and finish in such a short time are many: send an email to a fellow student, tidying the desk, bringing together all the material to prepare a certain subject exam, set the Silent to your phone not to be disturbed, read the index of a new book to study. What does it take? With little effort and in no time you will give away to your work! As you see we are talking about small actions that nevertheless serve to lay the foundation to perform longer tasks and more important.

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Method of study of rule two minutes: Not only in unit

Two minutes are very few throughout the day. Often lose more time to decide whether or not something, than to make it stop. Clearly, there must be actions related to the study, or at least useful to make you achieve certain goals at the university. Otherwise, only you lose precious minutes, which might instead focus on other issues as necessary. In any case, no one forbids you to extend the Two-Minute Rule to managing your extra-university life. You will learn to give the right priority to commitments without wasting time.

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