The Certifications of English

How to begin to navigate the main types of examination that certify the knowledge of English among ESOL, TOEFL and IELTS.


The examination system ESOL ( English for Speakers of the Other Languages ) has been developed by the University of Cambridge in collaboration with the British Council (British international body for cultural relations and educational opportunities) to certify the general language skills or in specific professional sectors. It therefore manages the organization of some of the most important international English exams, offered in online and offline modes and unlimited lifetime. The higher certificate levels are recognized in most universities and English-speaking countries.

the-certifications-of-englishIn order of increasing level:

– Cambridge Key Inglese Test (KET) : first level of international certification.A2 level (elementary)

– Cambridge Preliminary Inglese Test (PET) : certifies the practical use of English in everyday level. Levels B1-B2 (intermediate pre-advanced)

– Cambridge First Certificate of Inglese (FCE) : certifies a fluent and correct competence in written and oral. Levels B2-C1 (advanced pre-Advanced)

– Cambridge Certificate of Advanced Inglese (CAE) : certifies a level of competence even professionally. Levels C1-C2 (advanced-bilingual)

-Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in Inglese (CPE) : linguistic competence in the mother tongue level. Level C2 (bilingual)


There are other certifications, surely the most famous and useful in the assessment for admission in colleges from abroad who want to do just before (maximum one year) of the project or of the trip for which they are made, and they are:

-International English Language Testing System (IELTS): Complete English and exam required for admission in universities and colleges in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, N. Zealand and US. Each university has a minimum score that must be respected to ensure that the registration application to be declared valid.

– Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): American English exam required for admission in universities and colleges of N. America. It ‘also one of the main certificates required by US companies and not in the selection.

-Test Of English For International Communication (TOIEC): certificate of proficiency in the English language used in the academic and professional field, is the qualification required in the world to become a teacher of English.

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