The best universities in the world ranking

Each year are drawn numerous charts that show the most important and prestigious universities in the world here is what are the most illustrious.


The quality indexes and prestige are important indicators for both the individual universities, so they can rub your good placing to increase their attractiveness to students, the students themselves, they can precisely realize what the universities considered the best and most respectable as they get a diploma. Among the many charts they review annually the national and international universities one of the most reliable is the one published every year in mid-August Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, called the Academic Ranking of World Universities (Academic Ranking of World Universities), also known by the acronym ARWU ; this list addressed numerous issues, but gives special importance to elements such as competition prizes and written publications, aiming to precisely evaluate the prestige of an academic institution, and sort the top 500 universities in the world. Waiting for the next forthcoming edition, is still more than good to the ranking last August, thus showing which are the most prestigious universities on a global scale.

the-best-universities-in-the-world-rankingBEST UNIVERSITY OF THE WORLD: RANKING

According to the annual study of Jiao Tong, also in 2014 just past stands atop the standings Harvard University, who scores the first perfect score of 00/100 in the various sectors studied. Famous in every course of study, highly selective and very high level, the University of Massachusetts dominates the rankings thanks to the many Nobel Prize winners and luminaries in many different areas emerged from its classrooms.

Light years away her runner, Stanford University , which gets “only” a total ranking of 72.1 points ; the podium with stars in stripes is completed by another famous university such as MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology . Even scrolling through a bit, the ranking is always dominated by the Anglo-Saxon school in fourth place we find California-Barkeley, increasingly University USA, before finally getting to the first European institution, Cambridge. Only at the end of t op 10 the historic rival of ‘homonyms University English town of Oxford, and even eleventh Yale ;from sixth to ninth place we find still only stars and stripes, respectively Princeton, CIT (California Institute of Technology), and Columbia University of Chicago.

To see the first non-English speaking university must get to 19sima position, occupied by the Swiss Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, based in Zurich; twentieth College London, frequented by many young students, while the next step we find the first Asian universities in the list, the University of Tokyo. Within an always ranks characterized by the Stars and stripes, we find the 24-position the first Canadian, University of Toronto , at 35 the first French, Univerisity Paris 6 dedicated to the Curies; Oceania will square up in 44th place, occupied by the University of Melbourne, while for Latin America must go down to the sector 101 ° -150 ° place with the University of Sao Paulo, in Brazil. Further down Africa, which places only between 201 ° and 300 ° the first university of the continent, the University of Cape Town. Certainly not smiling much more which does not place any institution in the top 150 : according to the ARWU is the best Bologna, followed a little later from Milan, Padua, Pisa and Turin, all still between 151 ° and 200 th place.


Not all changes very much the distinguished ranking in individual sectors, even if it finds something new. In mathematics , for example, when Princeton took the lead atop the standings in this specific context, surpassing its Harvard, the Pierre and Marie Curie University moves to fourth place; It amazes even the tenth place obtained from King Abdulaziz University, located in Saudi Arabia, the modern heir of a culture and a thousand-year tradition of the numbers as the Arabic.

Physical back instead dominated by Anglo-Saxon, with the exception of Tokyo, which sits in seventh place. All American top six, led this time by California-Barkeley, in a ranking that sees our best finish yet with Bologna, resulted fiftieth globally. It does not vary much chemistry; increasingly dominated by the university Californian who leads several English-speaking colleagues, while almost embarrassing Apparently the North American superiority in computing, with its institutions in the first 14 places (with the University of Toronto to be US). Also absolute domination in the economy, where you have to wait as many as 27 places to find non-English-speaking university (the Dutch Erasmus University ) and where Harvard back to raise its voice taking back the top spot specific.

Each list examined to evaluate the prestige of the world’s universities and so sees the continued dominance of the Anglo-Saxon world and the US in particular: an even highly selective system today and the high costs, whose counterpart is given by far more advanced universities from both qualitatively of view of the structures of services, of exquisite workmanship in all areas. If you were of the genes in some scientific field, it is necessary therefore, to paraphrase Carosone, vole ‘does’ the American : the lines are prohibitive, but the scholarships are numerous and exit from one of these universities gives, even formally, several prestige.

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