The 5 best films for students of Medicine!

If you can not the students of medicine and surgery have not seen at least one of these five masterpieces of cinema.

We have waited too, is finally time to turn to one of the busiest senses at all. Medicine and Surgery. As key films should have seen these students? Here are our suggestions!

the-5-best-films-for-students-of-medicine5. Scrubs

It is not a movie, all right. But is such a beautiful and well-made TV series that have seen it all should apply as a degree. Sure, maybe not all everything is “scientifically” credible but believe us, view a bet you’ll never stop.

4. The Death Becomes Her

The medicine can have pros and cons and the second Robert Zemeckiscosmetic surgery in particular. This funny comedy puts on the plate an irreverent criticism of wanting to always keep young and beautiful. Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis. Not to be missed!

3. Patch Adams

If we speak of the fundamental: the true story of the doctor Hunter “Patch” Adams , the inventor of “Laughter therapy” here played by an amazing Robin Williams, is definitely one of the most exciting films and motivating you’ll meet.

2. Bicentennial Man

Staying along with Robin Williams we move into the creativity of genius Isaac Asimov, from whose novel was made into this great film. A story in which the evolution of technique and medicine come to allow a robot to change so as to become almost human. A paradox, a provocation, but also an excellent food for thought about the years that we expect.

1. The Knick

From the future to the past. The Knick is a sublimely written and filmed TV series, inspired by the true story of the surgeon William Stewart Halsted and set in the exciting years of technological discoveries, exactly at the turn of 1900.

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