The 25 most common excuses for not pursue our dreams

The best day of your life will be one where you make the decision that your life is yours. No apologies or excuses … Life is a gift, an incredible journey and only you are responsible for the quality of it.

When finally you push to do something and immediately you wonder. Why I will have waited so long?

Satisfaction is much greater than the fears or discomfort. That is something we can never know in advance. We will always have reasons … those that must be stronger than the excuses that prevent you from doing something.

We leave a compilation of the top 25 excuses not put you to pursue your dream.

Memorize, record them in your mind, never to repeat, you must escape any comments and thoughts related to these excuses. You will see that when you successfully confront them, your life will advance to ten times faster pace, the better you will take advantage of your time, you will get to be more authentic and you feel better about yourself.

 common excuses

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Excuses about time

  1. I’m too busy to do what I love.

Takes time from anywhere.

  1. I do not have time to find out what really excites me.

Are you sure that direct your life in this direction? Enjoy life.

  1. I have already invested a lot of time in a different way.

And more time to be investing if you do not start the way you would like today.

  1. Yes, I will someday.

Do not kid yourself, the day is today.

  1. Is it too late for me now.

It’s never too late, and less to pursue your dreams.

Excuses about money

  1. I have no money to start.

Seeking investors or alternatives.

  1. I need to keep winning exactly what I earn now.

Do not be so comfortable and your needs change.

  1. I cannot make any changes until you pay what I owe.

After paying some bills loans and surely reach new ones.

  1. I need to have insurance savings before risking.

All you need is to have more confidence in yourself.

  1. What if it does not work and I cannot even recoup the investment?

If you do not try, surely nothing will happen.

Excuses about knowledge on the subject

  1. I do not know where to start.

I propose to start at the beginning, very slowly, and with something, you know to do, no matter how small.

  1. I do not know enough to start the project.

Quiet, you learn along the way.

  1. I’m not smart enough to succeed.

Yes you are, and most times can more desire and effort that intelligence that is not cultivated.

  1. I do not know if I can do it.

No doubt you can.

  1. I am not an expert.

You cannot today, tomorrow it’ll be patient.

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Excuses related to others

  1. My friends do not think they can do that.

Have you tried to have them?

  1. My friends and family should not.

If you are looking for your happiness, why should not I help you? Do you suppose for them a reason for unhappiness?

  1. I have to focus on some people who need me.

You also need these people to help you achieve your dream.

  1. I do not know who to do that.

Can you do it alone? If you need help, sure some people around you will be happy to be part of your goals.

  1. It’s all about if you know the right people, and it is not my case.

It’s all about effort, those people are just one more step you’ll have to give you, you’ve got something else for yourself.

Excuses about the probability

  1. Probably will not be a success.

Rate statistics.

  1. Many people have tried and failed.

Great! What a chance! You can be the first to succeed.

  1. I know I’ll spend a long time scared and uncomfortable if I try.

Dreams are called, no bed of roses to happiness, pursuing your dreams will cost a lot.

  1. I’m not sure if it is the right decision.

Did you check? It will be neither the first nor the last time you fail at something.

  1. There are no guarantees.

This is the price of your dreams. You risk? Always worth it, if you do not get a dream, you gain an experience that can take you to have other dreams and ambitions. For more visit

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