Tasks for summer holidays: How to create an effective roadmap

Homework for the holidays? No fear. You do not need to be reduced at the last minute: getting organized a bit you can get back rested and prepared.

We assure you – the sooner you start thinking about it, the sooner you get to the goal. And not only will you be much more prepared but, what matters, much less stressed: first of all because you have better distributed the study load spreading it in the months, then because you will have started to review again “fresh” notions and above all you will arrive with the tasks already ended a while, avoiding (useless) last-minute rides.

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If you decide to follow our advice, you will find here a small handbook to better organize your summer study. Remember: The important thing is to do little of everything every day, being careful not to forget anything.

Important thing: Always remember that you are on vacation. This does not mean that you will have to neglect your school commitments, but that you will be able to complete them with complete peace of mind. For once, in short, without anxiety.

Tasks for summer holidays

How to organize the summer study

1) Create a roadmap: One thing that the prof. tend to do while assigning homework for the holidays is overestimating the time available to the students. Summer is long, it’s true, but the materials are many … and you’re still on holiday! To not give up anything, the ideal is to create a roadmap by summarizing on one side the time available and on the other the things to study. Divide your holidays in days and try – as far as possible – to predict something to do every day. Better to study a little bit of each subject every day rather than finish one and start another one.

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2) Streamline the time: The book for the summer that the prof. of Italian assigned you could be a good beach reading (OK, maybe associated with another more pleasant …). A rainy day that forces you home can be a great time to take advantage of your next day’s homework and get a day off. The afternoon may be too hot to go to the beach: it is better to dedicate it to the study. In short: identify the day moments to save time, studying without taking anything away from your holidays.

3) Schemes, schemes, schemes: Concept maps are your best allies in the study. Once you have learned a concept, fix it on paper or PC by pinning its focal points.

4) Do not ignore what you do not like: OK, everyone has a subject that they just cannot digest. But ignoring it during the summer will only lead you to have to deal with it back to school, with less time and desire. It is better to study a little of everything every day and dilute the study of the most difficult subjects over time.

5) Evaluate the use of fast reading: Maybe it’s not something you can already do, but you can learn. There are many books on fast reading techniques to quickly store concepts.

6) Be responsible: Making a roadmap means first of all respecting it. Try to give yourself some rules and do not contravene the fixed points that you gave yourself.

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