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Tasks for summer holidays: How to create an effective roadmap

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Tasks for summer holidays

Homework for the holidays? No fear. You do not need to be reduced at the last minute: getting organized a bit you can get back rested and prepared.

We assure you – the sooner you start thinking about it, the sooner you get to the goal. And not only will you be much more prepared but, what matters, much less stressed: first of all because you have better distributed the study load spreading it in the months, then because you will have started to review again “fresh” notions and above all you will arrive with the tasks already ended a while, avoiding (useless) last-minute rides. Continue reading

Pondering: Projects or Tasks? Do ICTs are needed to innovate in class?

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Projects or Tasks

Project-based learning: there was evidence that this methodology is a problem for many families and that; consequently, it would be appropriate to strike a balance between conventional “duties” and ABP.

There was also a finding on the lack of existing resources in classrooms today and the difficulties of such deficiency; I found a very interesting debate and I rushed to ask on Facebook.

There was some debate on Twitter about the Projects vs. conventional Duties … I would like to take Facebook, where you can write almost unlimited characters, to ask your opinion: if there were no restrictions precursors or wills (i.e. if no posed a nuisance alleged), sacrificial traditional and conventional “duties” by projects and problem-based learning? Continue reading