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Study better at school

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Study better

Are you tired of having a report card as a board? On here are some tips to better study and increase academic performance

You studied much but gather little? Or you have little time to study and you have to do to make the most of? Do not worry, it is just a problem of method. And who better than we can give you a hand to get one? No one, so here is a set of goodies for you to improve your school performance. Perhaps many of you have already read this article, which is located in our section of help. But, as they say, repetitive variant and above allows you to discover new things. Under Help you will find many articles to help you discover all of the site’s features: from the forum to the radio via the sending notes.

But back to our councils, which are divided into several phases… Continue reading

The school of the future through the early programming

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I remember how my mother was one day to late at night sewing, drawing and preparing the costume, bunch of grapes, he had to wear to school the next day because I was learning the vowel U on the agenda. So we learned. Without technologies and everything “by hand”.

Times have changed a lot. A good example of this is in Singapore that from this year, changed its method of learning, making programming a core subject. Students begin to learn from three years to develop the “computationalthinking”. Continue reading

Mental health at school: Key concepts for teachers

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Mental health at school

World Mental Health Day is celebrated. Since mental and emotional health is an issue that affects and concerns the whole of society as a whole – or so it should be – no wonder the growing number of initiatives to solve such problems within schools.

The role of the school in the detection and prevention, as well as their active collaboration to solve problems that arise, is key. Continue reading

Challenges: Asperger in School

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Asperger in School

As we know, Asperger syndrome does not present itself cognitive difficulties such for most of the students, except those derived from the peculiarities neuro divergence involving them and them. However, for teachers School, less specialized in NEE, it can be challenging to adequately meet the social and educational needs of their pupils and students in post-compulsory stages. Or rather, understanding the behavior of these as)

Where is the deficit?

Mainly, there is an area with a significant deficit: communication and verbal and emotional interaction in the social environment. 

First, we are teachers, not psychologists specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, so beyond our powers to force these / os students to adopt behaviors and behavioral changes if it does not explicitly that recommendation by professionals who deal with the particular case: our teaching responsibility is to respect the pupil and respect the work of the psychotherapist. If they have not previously been patterned, the sudden exposure to stressful situations or exaggerated demands as to modify patterns of behavior can be very harmful to him or her. Act “for their good” implies respecting the therapeutic process, “weird” we find it. The same is true of any student in a situation of psychotherapy for any reason. Continue reading