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How to improve memory: Tips, exercises and infallible techniques

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improve memory

Improve memory under study could lead to important results. Just a few days for an exam and worry that your memory can play tricks? You must prepare in view of a query or a speech but believe that he could not remember all the basics? Having a good method of study, it is sometimes not sufficient.

It must also be equipped with a good memory to be able to remember important concepts, formulas or just dates and names. Although understanding under study represents a much more important aspect of storage, being able to improve memory can be useful in many circumstances such as those shown above. Let’s find out what are the techniques, tips and tricks and how to improve memory in order to give the best of themselves in the study. Continue reading

How to Read a book: 3 steps to understand what you read

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Read a book

Tricks to read more often and better understand techniques to make reading more attractive and it is understood better.

But I think as interesting reading, they return again to explain the optimal way to read a book for you serve something really matter. So do not miss the middle of reading.

The three steps to correctly read and understand what you read: is to inspect the contents, analyze and synthesize. Continue reading

How to educate a disobedient?

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Educate a disobedient

If you’ve tried all kinds of punishment possible and still your son ignores all threats and withdrawals of privileges, you need to change strategy to get them to behave.

Children disobey the orders of adults with some frequency. It’s his way of discovering where are limits, to challenge ourselves and show that they too have their character and want to send. The typical punishment “you run out” does not work with small objects that are saturated with which entertained so that if we remove one will always be able to go to another… What can we do? Continue reading