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5 secrets to find the right motivation

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right motivation

Regain and maintain high motivation is not always easy. Today we recommend 5 useful methods that will help you find the enthusiasm to achieve each goal and achieve your dreams.

There are times when everything seems difficult, fears, concerns take hold of your days, and your dreams seem more distant and impossible as ever. Resume the daily rhythm and return to live each day with enthusiasm the project and, unfortunately, it is not easy. How should we do in these situations? How is it possible to regain and maintain our motivation?

Quiet, here are our 5 tips for resume at full speed… Continue reading

Looking at a the next day? Mode uses the technique focused and diffuse

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From small they have taught us that the best way to solve a problem is to focus on it and consciously use all your resources to solve it. Prepare a test is to sit in front of the book. To have an innovative idea you have to stop and explore all alternatives.

But is this the only alternative to learn and do it effectively and successfully?

There are two modes of thought, the focus mode and fuzzy. Both cannot be active at the same time. Continue reading