Summer Jobs for Students: 7 You Can Do Abroad

Summer is at your door and you will have much more free time from study and lessons: if you want to spend a while abroad but do not want to ask your parents money, find out what are the most demanding jobs and find them in the search!

Summer jobs for students: Those to be done abroad in 2017

Spending the summertime abroad is a great opportunity to learn a foreign language and make so many new friends, taking advantage of the break from the study. But not everybody can afford a foreign language course, counting on having to pay for lodging, meals and extras too.

Here’s a list of the most demanding jobs you can do abroad to keep you during your vacation  and do not have to ask for money to your parents. In addition, working with you will be in touch with people of all nationalities and you will be forced to interact with them – an additional reason to test your language skills and practice!

1) Group Leader / Coordinator

If you already have a good knowledge, you can think of working as a companion in holiday studios. Usually these are stays abroad of at least 2/3 weeks, where your role will be to manage and supervise crowded groups of mostly underage students. You will surely have the opportunity to know many people in every country, but you must also be responsible and have a strong organizational spirit. You will have to be respected and have problem solving skills: a vacation not suitable for anyone who wants to have fun forgetting any responsibility but who will help you develop some basic skills in the world of work.

2) Photographer

If photography is your passion or you have done a professional course, you can try to apply for a summer holiday season in tourist villages or travel agencies.

3) Animator

Perhaps one of the most sought after workers in the summer is that of the animator in the tourist villages. To do this work you need to know and be proactive and extroverted, although this latter quality can be developed by working. However, you must be aware that you will always be in touch with people, that you will have to entertain them and have fun and often solve the problems they will present to you. You can also opt for a candidacy as an animator for kids or an instructor if you excel in a particular sport and have all the abilities. The choice is yours!

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4) Lifeguard

The lifeguard is a much sought after figure in the summer, especially in seaside resorts and resort villages. Actually, each pool must have at least one lifeguard at the opening hours. To be a lifeguard, both at the sea and at the pool, you must have the patent to carry out this activity. If you are a skilled swimmer and have a good spirit of observation, we advise you to take it. Working as a lifeguard will allow you to work at the beach or in the pool all day, to get in touch with so many people, and to have an enviable cloak.

5) Waiter

The waiter is one of the most cherished jobs when you go abroad for a short time because it is easy to find even when you arrive and does not require a great mastery of the language. Working hours are often sparse, but this type of work teaches you to make sacrifices and to deal with customers. You will also surely make friends with your colleagues, almost always youngsters who work to make an experience abroad just like you and you will return with an enviable physicist to walk and bring food!

6) PR

If you’re an extrovert and you love to go dancing till dawn, this is the summer job suitable for you! In summer, the major cities are filled with tourists ready to party, and the locals need someone involved in organizing evenings and invitations to get as many people as possible. The gain will be commensurate with your PR skills, so look out: if you do not like talking to outsiders and insisting on following your advice, let it be better to lose!

7) Dishwasher

This is definitely the toughest work among those listed, as it forces you to stay in a room full of hot steamers and hot water vapor: not exactly the ideal in summer! However, it is a very easy job to find even without a word. But you will have to do it outside working time to practice with your language and interact with other people.

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