Roadmap: Physical examination!


The encounter with the opportunity to study university can be complicated, create a roadmap to better prepare the exam it is a great help

How to build a roadmap

What can you do to plan your study and to be able to take an exam? At the university we have more autonomy than in high school. We are free to decide which exam session to introduce ourselves or we can postpone it until we feel really ready. Therefore we must learn to organize yourself. However, some students find it difficult to manage themselves, especially in the first months after maturity. The solution is to define your roadmap ! In short you have to establish the stages of the route that lead to your purpose. It is to define a major goal to achieve, as is for example the passing of an examination. From that goal you have to define a set of sub-goals of more and more focused on which to concentrate.


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Roadmap: Focused on the content

The idea is that in this way you do not lose sight of the ultimate goal and you’re more motivated. Also you can focus yourself on the individual things you must do. In practice, using the roadmap, it starts looking much time is being examined and how many books you have to study. You decide the date by which you will complete each manual. Determine how many pages per day to prepare and at what times of the day to work. If one day you cannot do what you have decided, the steps to recover you will still be very clear. This way you will not miss the street.

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Roadmap goal review

Be realistic. Choose goals that you know you can actually achieve within a certain period of time. Do not add too many details to your map, especially in the early stages. Keep your schedule simple and easy to understand. Focused on your goals and the achievement of what really matters. Leave out the rest, so you can change the roadmap more easily take over if unexpected or if you realize you have defined some bad step. Change a goal, delete it or add a new one even during construction, without losing sight of the goal of your roadmap!

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