Quick Graduation: The rules to get it without stress

Is it possible to graduate quickly, or is it a great university mirage?

You enroll at the university with the most beautiful intentions but then the passing of time and the accumulating commitments make it necessary to arrive at the end of your university course as soon as possible.

It does not matter if it is work, fatigue, motivation that has been gradually diminishing, the fact is that you have in mind to quickly graduate to close this chapter of your life and move on.

Before starting to give you practical advice for a quick and easy degree without going crazy, it is right, however, to share important premises with you.

First of all I would talk about the speed in graduating. Speed is always subjective. Never compare yourself to other university students who are maybe twice as fast as you. Everyone has a different life, made up of different commitments, experiences and needs. It makes no sense to compare the unmatched.

Let’s talk instead of the question in an easy manner.

Suppose there are three variables involved …

  • Speed in graduating
  • Easy to graduate quickly
  • Average high marks

I don’t want to disappoint you but the more you want to have an average high grades, the more difficult it will be to be able to graduate easily and quickly.

I’m not saying that taking it from 28 up is difficult if you go running. Federico and I are examples of students who were able to graduate in a short time with a high average grade. However, running also means preparing for exams in a week or a short time. It may therefore be that some votes are below our expectations.

As you will understand later, Federico and I are to give “a blow to the circle and one to the barrel”. For us the degree with high and fast grades is possible, provided that we respect a correct study method.

Given the necessary premises, it is time to start with the advice.

Quick Graduation

1 – Focus on you

How many times do you see people at university who instead of thinking about themselves and their own interests spend their days making comparisons, envying others for better results than theirs, cursing the fact that they don’t have the average grades or the university career of colleague?

“But are we really put that way?”

First rule to graduate quickly: fuck with everyone, focus only on YOU!

You are the person who must graduate quickly, as you want to do it is only of your interest, the others have nothing to do with it.

The sooner you get rid of the mental blocks that hinder your path the better.

I’ll tell you a story about a university colleague who had your same goal, a quick degree …

One day he decided to take a job at a company and decided that to be completely focused on work had to push like a mule to graduate quickly. Fuck average, fuck votes … fast graduation wanted. You needed to figure out how to graduate in a hurry. One of the ways that came to mind was certainly the extraordinary sessions.

As you know, extraordinary exam sessions are only released for those who:

  • Is about to graduate …
  • Is out of the way …

My friend was not one in the other. However, I advised him to try to ask the professor of whom he had one of the most difficult exams that remained to him, if it was possible to still take the exam in the extraordinary session and then to verbalize the grade later. A somewhat borderline exam mode, I realize, but trying never hurts no?

My friend categorically refused making a thousand mental pixel about what the others would think, about what would have been said of his name if he had been allowed to give the exam that would have been verbalized after….

The fact is that other colleagues had instead taken advantage of this opportunity, they passed the exam and continued to push to graduate quickly, my friend was still in the starting blocks.

2 – Exploit extraordinary sessions, exemptions and special appeals

In addition to giving a damn about others, exploits everything that can be read as: way to graduate quickly.

This means taking advantage of extraordinary sessions, exemptions and special appeals that occur to you.

The thesis of the book is based on a simple fact: we all think that one thing, an event, a fact, is just so … But is it really so?

Or, changing the way we see this thing for a moment, do we find answers we didn’t even think we could get before?

9 times out of 10 is the second hypothesis.

Inform yourself, speak with the professors, and try to understand if it is possible to support exemptions or exams first. Understand if it is possible to be able to take advantage of the paths that give you the chance to speed up your path to graduation.

TALK TO HIM CLEAR: This is not about cheating or stealing, you’re just doing your student work. Asking has never been a crime and never will be. It is in your full right to be able to understand how to graduate quickly and exploit paths that the university grants you.

The more exams you take, the more you accelerate, the more you accelerate and the degree will be at hand.

3 – Throw down a clear and operational study plan

“But what is an operational plan?”

It’s the one that will give you the chance to accelerate badly in your university exams.

A plan that correctly explains how to take the exam

It’s not just about giving exams, it’s about perfectly fitting them together to make your journey as fast as possible.

Imagine being in a water park and sliding off a water less slide:

You would expect to speed with the water that accompanies you and instead you have to always move forward to sit to have a minimum of momentum!

Instead with water it is a different story, it accompanies you fluidly towards the pool (the degree).

The example is paradoxical, I grant you, but it is the SAME THING.

Water is your planning. It is all that will make you say: OK I will give x, then ye then z. Then I do this and that and finally graduate!

In the advanced top student course there is a whole chapter dedicated to how to plan and plan your exam to graduate quickly!

Are you out of line? Then there is a special plan for you

If you are an out-of-date student the need to graduate quickly is due to the fact that you have very little time to joke and must hurry to graduate for an economic issue and time.

We have written an article dedicated to over-the-counter students in which we identify those that we believe are the most important steps to follow to accelerate our journey towards graduation. I suggest you also take a look at that article if your goal is to hurry up and graduate.

4 – Accelerate the thesis request

Graduating easily and quickly is not only a matter of exams, but also of writing the thesis in a hurry.

You would need a separate article to talk to you about the thesis, and this is not the case … but I just want to give you some advice to speed up also from this point of view and quickly graduate.

Ask for a degree as soon as possible

Many professors make histories, they must miss you a few exams to request the thesis, and otherwise they do not assign it to you. But the smartest ones, those who know that preparing a thesis is not a game for 2 days and a few written pages, will give you the thesis for some time before.

You know how nice it is not to have to think any more: “Whom do I ask for my thesis?”

Does the professor have any lines of study at stake?

In addition to requesting the thesis first, you can take a further step that will allow you to graduate quickly. Ask the professor if he has any subjects or topics to suggest to write his thesis.

In my case, it was I who proposed to the professor on which topic to make the thesis, but this is absolutely not the rule. I know a lot of guys who have followed the teachers’ instructions and have “taken care of everything in less time than they expected”, minimum effort, and maximum result.

Quick and easy graduation, lower your standards … or maybe not?

Many times the quick and easy degree is also the result of sacrifices and compromises.

As I said at the beginning it is possible to graduate in time with high grades, however if you want to accelerate a lot and get rid of your degree you need to take into consideration that the faster you go, the more you expose yourself to the risk of low grades or, in any case, not of the average what would you like.

You always have to put on the scales what you are and what you want to be, in this way you will be able to understand if it is worth taking certain risks.

Absurdly, passing a university exam in itself is not as difficult as it might be.

To get to an 18/20 you need a basic preparation, which you can access with little study.

It’s up to you to ask yourself: going fast can sometimes cause problems like low grades or fail, is it okay?

If the answer is yes, then you also accept low grades to pass the exam, provided you hurry up to graduate.

If the answer is no, slow down, or follow a third way.

The third way is what we recommend to do in the top student, ALWAYS. Graduating fast and with high grades is possible, beyond what you feel (or read) around.

We must have determination, planning and an effective method of study. It’s about doing things as they need to be, having the right tools to understand how to get around in the untangled field of university study.

Within the course it is possible to access our top method consisting of:

  • TIME: Schedule and schedule exam session
  • ORGANIZATION: Study and memorization to make the most of it
  • PERFORMANCE: Pass written / practical or oral exams in a brilliant manner.

Graduating fast and with high marks is possible, if you know how to do it!

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