Prepare for the exam session: 5 uncommon but effective study techniques

Are we really ready for another exam session? Follow these uncommon but effective study techniques to brilliantly overcome the session!

Insurmountable obstacle (at least in appearance!) so despite the change of season inviting numerous naps and the first sunny days make you want to sea, you have to go down and prepare examinations!

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How to do? Simple: just use the right technique to succeed in concentrating and studying in a short time! Experts have selected you 5 for students …

1) When it comes to boredom …

Move! It is the first of the 5 study techniques that will take you to the highly prepared exam session! Being up all day sitting in front of the book, on a desk, or even worse on an uncomfortable desk of university libraries, can ruin your mind and your back. If you are in the room, take your notebook or note book and drop on the bed, head down. Walk, point with a pen and use your arms to better handle the speech.

2) Do you have cousins or siblings?

Try to make the Lesson on Macroeconomics interesting! Maybe by infusing curiosity the various causes that have led to the current economic crisis!

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3) Humming Lesson

Ok, you’ve tried them all: you are at a point where you do not go back, last month before the Contemporary History Exam. Why not tamper with matter? You may be looking for rhymes with the words and everything that can make our speech more interesting.

4) Take something to chew close

Do not abuse sugar and other harmful substances for the teeth, but having e.g. gummy candies near us will help us to feel less lonely and not think that we actually have an entire afternoon to go on the books while our Colleagues have already supported the exam.

5) Change often place of study!

Many studies confirm that often changing studio locations can give a real sprint to the study. So much so that before the exam session many university students move and go to the library, at the home of colleagues, at grandparents’ homes and uncles to change and let them study, become more interesting.

These are only 5 tips that do not claim to be perfect but want to help you in the study, to succeed in brilliantly overcoming this period of time before the break.

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