Packing a Wardrobe for College

Incoming freshmen often realize how hard it is to pack for college. Your wardrobe is one of your most important assets. There are many things to pack for college, from taking enough undergarments to having trendy items, such as a sometimes I wet my plants shirt. Sure, you want to be humorous. Being funny and hip is fine, but also think about what you’ll need the most, and the convenience that comes along with that.

Your daily wardrobe doesn’t have to be that fancy unless your school requires a uniform or has a strict dress code. Also, you don’t need to wear a completely different outfit every day. Jeans and long-sleeved shirts are fine when the weather cools down. You also want to mix and match items such as belts, vests, and scarves. When packing, take clothing that will be useful for at least two months or until you plan to be home again. That way, you won’t overstuff your dorm drawers.

When it comes to t-shirts, pick your share of neutral, striped, school color, and graphic t-shirts. Tank tops and sweaters should be in your wardrobe too. Don’t forget enough sleepwear including pajamas, sweatshirts, and sweaters. Belts and sunglasses should also part of your college wardrobe. If it sounds like a lot to think of, keep a running list of what you’ve packed and what still needs to be.

Dress Warm for the Winter

Many students attend colleges where it’s colder than they’re used to. A thin coat will not do during a northeastern winter. You need a thick coat, gloves, and tall boots. It’s important to layer up as well. If you’re freezing all the time, walking to class and hanging out with friends is tough. The cold can really get under your skin, and into your bones.

Dress for the Occasion

You’ll probably dress conservative for class, but going out is a different story. Pack for formal dinner events and for parties. If you are a girl, a fun dress or a mini skirt is great to have. Boys should have a formal button-down dress shirt, and perhaps a sports jacket or blazer. Anyone who works out should have gym clothes handy, even if it’s for just a couple of days a week.

Also, don’t forget that costume. Halloween parties are all the rage at colleges, and costume parties happen during other times of the year. A bathing suit should be handy if you’re going away to a warm place. You may also want to swim in the campus pool to relax. Vary your college wardrobe and you’ll be well-rounded and ready for anything that comes your way.

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