Noise or silence: How do you focus?

Studying always requires a certain amount of concentration. Noise or silence? What are the conditions suitable for studying?

NOISE OR SILENCE: as you focus?

Prefer to study with a little ‘of background noise or silence ? Everyone has their own preferences, but you must learn to know yourself, to find the best environments to make the study. Go to different places and be careful about how it goes each study session. One day you may go to the library, another day at the park, another classroom study and so on. After each day you make of the situation and try to determine whether the noise bothered you and what has distracted you.

noise-or-silence-how-do-you-focusNOISE OR SILENCE: as you focus?

There are students particularly lucky and determined that they can concentrate more, regardless of the noise around them. When they decide to start reading there are for anyone and do not notice what is happening around more.

If you get distracted easily and make it hard to focus, it takes very little noise and stop working. Any sound that comes from the outside or the room where you are interrupts the concentration that you tried with so much effort. Are enough little noises, like the steps of someone walking or the creaking of a door. Do you find yourself reading the same sentence several times to try to understand its meaning. You cannot carry out the study as you would like. So it would do well to study in quiet places and no buzz. Lock yourself in your room and try to create a condition of absolute silence.

NOISE OR SILENCE: as you focus?

The issue is quite different if the noise, rather than distract you, helps you to be more alert and active. The deathly silence makes you nervous. When you’re in your home and study you like leave the TV on, listening to background music or open the windows to hear that things happening outside. The places in the open air and crowded classrooms in universities do just for you!

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