How to write a bibliography

Undergraduates struggling with the writing of the thesis, in previous articles we talked about how to write the introduction and the abstract of your hard work. Today we will explain, in detail, how to address one of the thorniest issues of the thesis: the bibliography.

And yes, unfortunately draft the literature is one of the most complex things and articulated (not to say boring …) of the thesis writing. But do not beat yourself up! With a little patience and some little advice, you will succeed.

You first need to understand the importance of literature: it allows us to understand at what level the studies have come about your work, provides an indication of the type of work you have done and especially allows the reader to explore the issues that you have treated.

write a bibliography

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So for those who underestimates, attention! The bibliography is not an “accessory” of your thesis. Indeed … it is one of the main elements of assessment of your long and tiring work.

You will surely look great if your bibliography will be thorough, detailed, updated and if returns relevant works.

Do not forget that in fact the bibliography must contain the list of all (boys tell everyone!) The texts that you have consulted and used.

And now we see the main rules.

How do you write a bibliography?

Please note first that for the bibliography means everything related texts and works from books to essays to newspaper articles.

There are three main rules.

First rule: Order alphabetically contributions by author’s last name.

Second rule: If the same author must mention more works, they will be sorted from oldest to most recent.

Last rule: It is worth mentioning the first editions of the texts.

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Enter a book in the thesis bibliography

But let’s get specific:

To insert a book you should mention the order, separated by commas:

  • Author’s last name (followed by the dotted name)
  • Title and subtitle (in italics)
  • Place of Publication
  • Publishing house
  • Publication date
  • Number edition
  • Number of pages

Insert an article

Dear boys, to enter an article of a magazine you’ll have to use virtually the same rules.

You have to enter in order and separated by a comma:

  • Author’s last name (followed by the dotted name)
  • Article title (in italics)
  • The journal title in quotation marks and followed by “in” (in italics)
  • Year (Roman numerals) and number of the magazine (Arabic numbers in bold)
  • Publication date
  • Number of pages


And in the Internet age, where now everything is on the web, you cannot fail to consult the on-line sites.

In the collection of websites, usually simply it reports the web address used.

Remember that undergraduates for greater accuracy, being the ever-evolving web world, you must also indicate the last modification or last accessed.

The end is not that complicated write a thesis bibliography! But do not forget that it has a very clear position: you will have to insert it after your conclusions at the end of the thesis.

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