How to study quickly: Technical guides and tips

Faster study is the dream of many students. Before explaining how you can study at home too quickly bringing the desired results, we try to understand what this method.  How to study faster? It does not represent the shorthand for passing a class test or exam, but an increase in quality of time allocated to learning. To do this, even levels must simultaneously increase concentration and commitment.

Techniques and how to study quickly

To be able to study fast you need to follow and refine certain techniques that will help you, in time, to reap the fruits of your labor. The first technique to be adopted to reduce the time to study and learn faster the important concepts is based on reading speed. Read quickly and learn at the same time is not easy and requires a lot of practice. The pre-reading helps to quickly investigate simultaneously also improving the quality of learning. It begins with a quick index reading of each chapter, and the reading of each section, then the titles and the initial and final paragraphs. This technique will make an initial screening in less than 10 minute’s chapter.

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The second technique to study quickly is to increase the level of concentration. Faced with study books, behave as if you had a chance to view the entire program. Mechanical archived recordings, notes and summaries too elaborate that will only lead to more and get lazy more your mind. Stimulate your memory, challenge yourself. Marked the time available and eliminate all forms of distraction in that amount of time for your brain to appear unique. Abandoned the idea of storing literally every concept not learn the true meaning: to speed up your study, you will be able to revise the concepts that you think you have learned. To this end, the applied technique of the similarities, associating to new concepts familiar concepts.

Techniques to quickly store and study well

When the time to devote to the study is reduced, being able to store in a short time may be helpful. To do this you must train memory. Here are some useful techniques. Focus the ultimate goal: you have little time and so much to learn. You just have to clear your mind and prepare to contain new information. Quickly flip through the chapters of the book, and focused attention on visual indicators (titles, bold, images), cataloging the most important information. Adopted the technique of reading fast, which must follow the necessary phase activation that will bring to mind the concepts previously learned unconsciously. Check yourself with questions on the subject of study: to understand this if you really have mastered the basics.

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How to prepare an exam at the university and study quickly and in no time

You only have a few days to be able to study an entire program more and more imminent examination view. How to get prepared in a short time? The learning speed reading techniques will enable you to lay the foundation for an efficient and quick study, here is some additional advice to study and get an appointment quickly ready:

  • Gather all the useful material (books and notes) and plan your schedule according to the time you have available.
  • Studied together with a colleague or join a study group where you can expose doubts and store concepts, focusing on interrogation technique.
  • Eliminate all that is superfluous: the further creamed pinned concepts made a second list with the crucial points and create the patterns that allow you to view and store better concepts and key terms, always starting from the most difficult.
  • Eliminate all forms of distraction, make qualitatively high the time dedicated to the study and treat yourself to a short break between one chapter and another. To know more reviews visit

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