How to overcome exam anxiety

Examination of eighth grade are at the gate! There is a question in view? A strong anxiety can inhibit intellectual performance, hinder the concentration and memory, greatly worsening the performance of a student but once aware of the problem can exceed. Unfortunately, from examination anxiety has ruined and continues to ruin many school careers of students intellectually gifted but emotionally fragile.

Causes of anxiety of examination

What are the exam anxiety causes? We have seen that the exam anxiety is a disorder that does not spare even the most conscientious students and prepared, indeed they often are the ones who get panicky at the time of exam! The examination of anxiety, in fact, is a special type of performance anxiety.

overcome exam anxiety

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Performance anxiety is a feeling of apprehension that occurs in all situations where we feel valued and exposed to the judgments of others. Those who suffer from exam anxiety feels that, during the examination, is not only determined its educational background, but also understanding personal capacity. Those who suffer from exam anxiety is dependent on self-esteem by recognizing exterior (a good grade). Obsessed with the result, the student anxious, imagine that a bad performance could make him lose the respect and approval of parents and friends.

Managing anxiety while preparing an exam

The anxiety proves to be a big problem also during the phase of preparation of the examination. Who she is very anxious, in fact, due to nervousness, cannot concentrate on studying. In the worst cases, the student can spend hours on the books without being able to learn anything. That’s the advice of psychologists to overcome anxiety during an exam, valid both for university exams that to maturity.

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Managing anxiety during the examination

There are no magic solutions to manage anxiety at the time of examination. If you followed our advice and you are well prepared, you should be able to support the interrogation without problems. Keep in mind that the ease exam is acquired by practice: the first exams are the hardest, and then you become calmer and more able to manage anxiety.

1) Do not study the exam day: Strongly advise to study the same exam day: the review of the ‘last moment generates anxiety and confusion.

2) Do bring a friend examination: Many students get panic and do not show up examination. To avoid the temptation to escape last time, do bring a friend.

3) Admit anxiety with professors: Anxiety works in a paradoxical way: the more you try to hide it more increases. If you have a mouth and you feel agitated, admit it to the professor. The mere mention of your anxiety will serve to reduce it. Before answering a question, take a deep breath (it has a calming effect) and take a few seconds of time to organize the response.

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