How to maintain smartphone performance and reduce lags

The lag is something you have to live most video game users but also suffers on mobile devices. Sometime, it becomes a lesser extent. As the memory of a smartphone is being filled, it is inevitable that the mobile phone will suffer a delay; freeze or those applications will start to fail. However, there are some small latest tips with which you can improve the performance of your mobile with lag.

How to maintain smartphone performance?

Several indicators inform if a mobile device has a lag. Such as, pressing the icon of an application and that it takes more than the account to open if the multimedia content takes time to load longer to or if when scrolling there are frames jumps, among others. But there are also ways to fight it.

Restart the phone

The first step that one can take is to restart the phone from time to time. The vast majority of users try to keep their smartphone with battery at all hours, without even turning it off. A bad idea that makes the processor work 24 hours a day. Take a break from time to time on the phone. Such as turning it off at night or restarting it at times. It prevents lag and other performance problems from appearing.

Remove applications that you do not use

Having a fashion game, the complete photo application or all the social networks installed on your mobile phone is quite common among users. But not all are used. These applications, in addition to occupying storage space, run in the background consuming system resources. The unnecessary apps drain battery heavily. It is better to uninstall them and use the lite version if available. Although you can see if the unused applications slow down the phone, it is best to proceed to uninstall them to obtain an increase in the performance of the mobile.

Remove the animations 

Android uses animated transitions when opening and switching between different applications by default. Something that takes seconds that can add up to an excessive time and slow down the phone. Disabling them completely or reducing them is a great help when it comes to obtaining fast mobile performance. It’s a fairly simple process.

Change the launcher

Changing the launcher of the phone is a good solution, since the factory launcher in the devices with customization layer is one of the big causes of lag. They take up a lot of memory and some are poorly optimized. The good thing about using another launcher is that they are light to use and allow you to customize the configuration and features of the mobile.

Turn off background updates

The vast majority of applications are updated in the background, consuming phone resources. If you do not want to delete one of those apps, the best way to avoid lag is to disable the updates in the background. Thus improving the performance of the terminal and preventing the memory from filling up without you noticing.

Free space in memory

Users tend to save all photographs, videos and applications on their mobile device. This consumes a large part of the phone’s memory and a mobile phone needs a certain free space to function without delays. So, if you run out of space at the end, you will end up dealing with the lag. Clear data, cache, images, videos and applications that are not used is a great way to get more free space and improve the performance of the phone.

Disconnect mobile services

After using mobile services such as Bluetooth, GPS or WiFi , one forgets to disconnect it. One way to hinder the operation of the equipment is to keep these services connected. So, disconnecting them after use is a good move for proper operation of the device.

Install Lite versions of applications

Applications like Twitter, YouTube or Gmail increase their storage space with their different updates, which makes them run more slowly than before. However, installing the Lite versions of these applications helps free up memory space and improve performance by not having all the features of the final application.

Update the software

Having installed the latest update of Android is also a great help to prevent lag. The new versions correct heavy errors and can make the smartphone work faster or improve stability. Therefore, do not forget to update your phone with the latest version of Android.

As you can see,

These are some of the tricks to avoid lag in Android. You should keep in mind that how your phone has aged, the ROM that it carries and the use you have of it influences its final performance. Therefore, taking preventive measures does not hurt to improve the use of a device with a lag.

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