How to learn English for free and quickly: Foolproof methods and tricks

Learning a foreign language is now the base of each course of study. Often, however, the school knowledge is insufficient and usually tends to forget completely what we have learned in the classroom. Many people decide to learn English for free and alone as a second language, and fortunately, today – since primary school – children begin to learn the basics. Who has not yet fully acquainted with this fascinating but much essential foreign language, how can learn quickly and easily English, but most effectively? Again the right strategy to be adopted may be helpful in your learning path.

How to learn English

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Six reasons to learn English well and quickly

Why learn English? Prior to the adoption of any strategy to help us destructive with a new foreign language, we need to understand why we are doing. The motivation is crucial when it comes to learning something new. Here then it is useful to gather the main reasons why it has become so important to learn English quickly, even alone

  1. And ‘one of the most spoken languages in the world, just think that is the mother tongue of about 375 million people, while it is estimated that nearly one billion will use it as a second language.
  2. Is the business card for anyone who is looking for a job in various fields: from the tourist camp in the diplomatic, financial and political?
  3. The best universities in the world are located in countries where English is the native language. Besides your knowledge it allows to attend authoritative academic courses both abroad and in Italy.
  4. Being the official language of over 50 countries in the world allows it to transfer all without the nightmare of not being understood.
  5. The English language plays an important part of the entertainment industry and Internet: from songs to literature, to the typical language of the web, this is the dominant language.
  6. The speed and ease with which you can learn English, unlike other foreign languages based on complex scripts.

The best methods to learn English for free

Having taken full awareness of why we want to test ourselves we see in learning how to learn English free, starting from the best method of study to be taken. The best way is without a shadow of doubt in attendance at an English course abroad with other international students. This will allow right now becoming familiar with the language and will spurring you to strike up conversations immediately – albeit initially simple – with other people who are on your knowledge basing it. More generally, if you have the opportunity to go and live in an English speaking country for a short period, this will help you put into practice the concepts learned in Italy and understand the mistakes that you can commit initially. This can be done through exchanges or study trips organized.

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Finally, do not neglect your passions: a love American TV series? Your favorite singer sings in English? Are you passionate about video games? In all three cases you will find a great help in English learning. Choose your favorite TV series and watch it in the original language (initially with subtitles). Listen carefully to the pronunciation, idioms stored and try to repeat. Do the same with your favorite songs (if in English), fun to translate text as well as with your video games. This is a great way to learn English while having fun at the same time. Another thing to do to learn English free is to go read on websites regarding your thing, maybe comment on and respond to other users and interacting with other people. This way, you will improve your English quickly and free manner, but above all having fun and talking of your passions!

Tricks to learn English quickly: How to make?

We finish with 6 effective tricks that will allow you to learn English quickly:

  1. Pin each new word, translate it and put it in a context in order to remember its meaning in the future.
  2. Repeat aloud words and sentences to refine pronunciation.
  3. Read aloud any phrase or term in English.
  4. Find a good study partner, this will allow you to confront and communicate directly in English from the beginning.
  5. Join a YouTube channel in English: observe who speak the language even before listening will allow you to practice on the most proper pronunciation. It is not only physical but also a mental thing!
  6. Daily exercise is essential. Immerse yourself in the new language even outside working hours dedicated to her learning. After a bit even you begin to think in English!

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