How to get high grades by studying a few days before an exam

Although we recommend you start studying for time not all students like to get the books back when the exams are distant. So today, we want to recommend some methods by which you can learn by studying a subject in the last few days, or at least in a short time. It is not conceivable to be able to study bricks 1000 pages and more in just a week: those are miracles and, unless IQs out of the norm (and perhaps not), things are impossible to achieve.


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The first-term key is organization. The organization is to set a curriculum based on arithmetic (divide the pages to be studied for the days that you are missing) you will have to follow. Beware though, these programs are not always easy to follow: indeed, the separation of pages of basic arithmetic brings with it the disadvantage that not all arguments are of equal difficulty. So one day for simple arguments can take more pages than expected while for complex subjects the opposite is true speech. Then look in your calculation to leave at least 1-2 days of flexibility to avoid arriving with water in the throat.

The second tip is to create you of schemes. But not for all subjects (it would be too costly in terms of time, so it would defeat our goal to prepare in a few days). Make them for only those paragraphs that provide long lists of things to remember. For others, the more discursive, limit yourself to an oral repetition.

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Finally, the time of revision. The revision is fundamental. It is impossible to give a material with good grades having it repeated once. Hence the advice to speed up the study to the second repetition of the matter is not to repeat the whole paragraph in full but only the key points of it, so as to remember, at least schematically, all there is to say about that topic. Then it’s up to you, with the knowledge gained to develop individual points exhaustively for the exam.

These are our guidelines to prepare quickly a subject with an excellent chance of success. However, our primary advice is always that of approaching the study in time: it will benefit your body (less stress) and especially your … college career!

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