How To Develop The Will Power


Do I need a student strength of will? Personally, I cannot imagine how, without willpower, you can prepare for one night for an exam, or learn and pass uninteresting, and, in general, then, a useless object, in order to remain to study further. Student learning – it is a constant effort to control yourself. And without willpower is not enough. In this article, we will tell you how you can develop your willpower.

Each of us in our life faced with a situation where the decision was contrary to the wishes. For example, you are determined to lose weight (you can substitute any other purpose: to stop smoking, or learn English), but in the late afternoon enthusiasm somewhere lost, the hand reaches for the chocolate (cigarette or the TV remote), and the goal no longer seems so attractive. It seems that this cannot cope – such a character, weak-willed. But develop the power of will, though not easy, but possible. It is only necessary to perform the following steps.

Will Power

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Step One: Motivation

Well thought out, what exactly do you need to develop willpower? Laziness prevents you achieve success? Due to improper lifestyle health deteriorated, and a lack of will interfere with work on yourself? Or maybe you just want to become a strong person to be independent of the faint-hearted desires? In any case, clearly imagine your future, if you do not develop the will power and the reverse situation – you believe in yourself and do not cancel its own promises … Nice to submit such a thing? Then it was time for the next step.

Step Two: Daily

All people with strong will be distinguished by the ability to plan for the day, to distribute things in order of importance, and the main thing – to follow your own plan. Start small: choose the exact time and raising a discharge to bed, determine the amount of food intake, and at least a little time limit “Occupation nothing”. Let your first restrictions will be small and funny, the main thing – to start. Once you get used to the new routine, it will be possible to make additions to it, for example, in the form of sports or hardening of the morning – to your taste.

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Step Three: Cleansing

When the routine of your day will suit you and follow it cease to be a flour, the main thing – do not stop there. Now you need to clear the space around them. In all senses. Shalt on your own desktop, junk files on your computer, disassemble cabinets. It is human nature to accumulate around him completely unnecessary things to him, to get rid of that prevents just a lack of will. But since you have already exhausted the beginning began working with the routine, you do business on the shoulder. By the way, during the cleansing – a good excuse to get rid of bad habits and dependencies (from the people, activities, rituals – it does not matter). Of course, it will be a little harder than wipe off the dust from the windowsill or throw a gift set of wine glasses from the Chinese plastic, but after all, the result – your will – it will be much more noticeable.

Step Four: Not Closing

Now, you – a self-sufficient person with a strong will and self-confidence, following their own daily and never cancels the promises … and everything? You can afford to relax? In no case! Feature will power, just like any other human forces, is that it fades and then disappears without constant training. So if you think you’ve reached your ideal, to continue to improve! Let’s promise ourselves, learn something new, try to discover a reserve, which so far do not know … And if there is a temptation to drop everything halfway for cigarettes in the morning, a cake in the evening and get together in social networks instead of study – fight with their young demons in every way. If the error or, as they call it the athletes, “failure” still occurred – do not be afraid to start over, it is far better to try, make mistakes, but still go to the ideal than to dream about it, not budging!

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