How to deal with the college entrance test

More and more faculties now provide a pre-entry test for admission here is some advice best to approach this important event.

Placement Test: Bogey Students

Are now several of the university study addresses, to avoid an excessive number of members, provide access through an entrance test, has become increasingly competitive because of growing demand (for health faculties are sometimes exceeds the thousands of questions). And is therefore clear how an examination of this type, on which your future (at least until next year, when you possibly can try again) can generate many anxieties and fears, which make it even more complicated an already test by itself does not easy. But anxiety can be controlled. Indeed, it may even prove to be a valuable ally.


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Placement Test: Dominate Anxiety

Anxiety fact, if properly controlled and directed, can turn into motivation can increase your potential. For this to happen we have to cross three distinct and consecutive psychological mode. First, try to ask yourself as active and proactive even in pressure situations, and not the other like frightened and dropouts (in psychology we speak of coping, or resolution of stressful situations): able to master so better to stressful situations, including the study or the exam itself. On a more positive attitude and greater belief in your media, it follows that you put yourself spontaneously most important objectives and a more convinced perseverance in pursuing them (self-efficacy). Ultimately, try to reach a certain understanding of your learning how to exploit them to your advantage (locus of control): Study rhythms, storage methods, and systems in short that most suit you, and use them taking all the time necessary.

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Placement Test Study and Examination

You should be more relaxed and your anxiety is expected to be transformed into determination: therefore started to prepare by studying the famous Alpha test, but especially from the upper and books from previous years’ test, which will give you an idea of the possible questions. Fundamental also the so-called “general culture”, now consistently a substantial part of the test: try to inform you, read the newspapers, and disambiguate the major events that occurred in recent years in the world. To then have a targeted preparation you may want to enroll in a specialized course for passing the test.

Arrived on the test day, remember that the concentration and determination play a crucial role, so do not be distracted or discouraged arrive already aware of the examination arrangements, not overstimulate of a question if you are not sure of the answer, but passed on to the next , do not give too much I mind to other people’s comments. All that remains is to wish you a big “good luck”: because even the luck will be key, but basically even the same luck to be addressed and built.

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