How to create a mind map to study better

One of the most efficient methods of study ever. First of all you need to know how to create a mind map, the rest will follow. The instructions.

How to create a mind map: A new method

Mind maps are a great way to visually capture ideas and organize thoughts. With one glance you will be able to capture and summarize the contents of the pages of academic books. Some students create them directly in their mind without writing. However, it is preferable to realize the notebook, so you’re sure you do not lose time and we will always have the on hand for review or to refresh your memory.


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How to create a mind map: Steps

Now I will explain the steps to build an effective mind map.

1. Departure

Take a blank sheet of paper and colored pens. Select the topic and write in the middle of the paper the subject or the main content (eg. “Degree Programmes”).

2. Ramifications

The maps have a hierarchical organization of content, from the most important and generic to the more specific. Information should be connected to each other as if they were in a network. Starting from the main content doing drawing lines branches with a marked section. They look just like rays from the center to the edges of the paper. Above each line write the name of the concept to which it refers (in our example, put “Psychology”, “Jurisprudence”, “Medicine” …). Then continue down into the details. Draw more subtle ramifications starting at the end of each of the main lines (our branch “Psychology” will be divided into “Clinical Psychology”, “Social Psychology”, “Developmental Psychology” …).

3. Keywords and Symbols

Use a few relevant words in reference to each branch. Write in capital letters or bold the most significant words. Also enter drawings, images, symbols and numbers. Different colors with each other will help you distinguish between different information and to remind visually.

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How to create a mind map: Why use them?

Mind maps offer you many benefits. Stimulate your creativity and your memory, make you save time in study and review, you will be more productive and the things to be studied will seem much clearer and sliding!

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