How to clean the Hard drive within few minutes

Having our hard drive clean is one of the tasks that we must do regularly from time to time since personal data and installed programs are stored there, which is vital to keep in good condition.

The hard disk is one of the most critical components and that most often fail. So, it is very important to optimize it and clean it properly when the PC starts to go slow.

The first thing we have to do in these cases is to clean the hard drive removing unnecessary data that we do not use. Second, we need to defragment the hard disk too correct the fragmentation of data and thus improve access to data by the operating system.

Following the latest technology, the first thing we recommend is to think about cleaning the Windows registry, to make access to the database of programs and drivers optimal.

How to clean the hard drive

How to clean the hard drive

There are several ways to perform hard disk cleaning. The first and best-known way to clean the hard drive is using the tools that Windows incorporates as the disk space liberator. It allows to easily and quickly clean the hard drive of things that take up space and are often unnecessary. For example:

  • Remove files from downloaded programs
  • Delete temporary Internet files (browser cache)
  • Web pages without connection
  • Error report temporary files
  • Empty the Recycle Bin
  • Old files of the Windows system.

To open it, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Click on Programs, then on Accessories.
  3. Click on System Tools and then click Disk Cleanup to start the application.

All these files that we have mentioned here will be detailed on the program screen. You can mark them and then delete them without problem to free up disk space, as we see below:

Windows Disk Cleaner

Windows will only select some of these options. You see that you can delete more things to free up disk space, better still, just make sure they are not things you need or use. Otherwise, you would lose valuable information.

Ideally, if you get to this point is first to make a backup of the Windows files, whether in a flash drive, Dropbox, or some other option in the cloud.

Once ready, just click on OK and start the hard disk cleaning process to leave your hard disk as new, without any residual or unnecessary data.

Clean hard drive using tune-up software

The programs specialized in optimizing our computer or PC work very well. One of the most recommended is CCleaner TuneUp Utilities. It allows you to delete everything you do not need while giving you many options for Optimizing the PC. The full list of these applications can be found in the following article: Programs to accelerate Windows.

Defragment hard drive

Once we have our hard drive clean, the next step is to decipher the hard disk. It is for sorting all the data that is fragmented or scattered by different places on the disk. So, they are with each other again and thus have the “complete” files at the information level. It accelerates their subsequent loading by the operating system.

When the data is fragmented, the disk defragmenter helps us to unite them again, locating the different parts of the files and putting them together again.

In this way, we achieve faster and more optimized Windows access to information.

Important note: If you use an SSD hard disk you do not need to defragment the disk. If you do it, you will only make it go slower.

The SSD disks by their technology do not need defragmenting. Only the SATA II, IDE or SCSI is the ones that you can defragment.

How to defragment the hard disk step by step

Let’s see the necessary steps to defragment the hard disk:

  1. Click on Start, then Programs, Accessories.
  2. You will see the System Tools.
  3. Click on “Disk Defragmenter”.
  4. Select the option “Defragment now”.

Now you know how to defragment the hard drive of your Windows PC in an easy way.

The next step to continue optimizing your PC is to clean the computer completely, for this we recommend you read the following article: Clean PC.

And if you’re a Mac user, do not worry, we also have step-by-step guides to clean Apple’s most famous computer in the following article: Clean Mac.

Did you expect more difficulty about cleaning hard drive? Well, as we have seen, cleaning the hard drive and joining the information defragmenting. It is quite easy using the native Windows tools that do all the work in a couple of minutes and without problems.

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