How much is the degree mark really worth?


Many students take a great deal of their graduation grade. Who for the possibility of a better placement at a professional level and some even for a personal gratification at the end of a long and tiring course of study.

Many are those who, just to reach the much desired 110 (perhaps with praise), they prefer to wait a little longer to complete their studies, preferring a good evaluation with respect to concluding the University in time. 

However, we need to make some notes to see how much the graduation grade is influential and decisive. So here are a series of considerations about it …

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– THE UNIVERSITY TO BE PROVEN: Often counts more than the degree mark. That is, it could happen that sometimes a weight is given to a 100 obtained in a university considered by many as really qualifying rather than a 110 in a university considered easy (and on the other hand it is also right so, there are universities in which 110 is almost a formality)

– OTHER EXPERIENCES CARRIED OUT BY THE STUDY: It can have their own weight, which is also decisive. In fact, very often companies in employment can appreciate more the fact that the student has already gained experience or work in the strict sense (highly sought after, especially in this period) or other.

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– IN A CONCLUSION: They will rarely ask you with what you have graduated. Businesses and professionals will always prefer a diligent, shrewd and knowledgeable student. But this is not always certified by a good grade. There are many students who, despite not having obtained the highest marks for the degree, have succeeded in having a professional success equal or superior to other graduates with 110 and honors

– THE AGE IN WHICH A STUDENT IS DEGREE: It is at least as decisive as the degree mark. The world of work is looking for young people and the sooner you enter the labor market, the greater the chance to find it soon. So avoid to graduate after 10 years only to have 110. You prefer a quick degree (which does not mean a rating too low) rather than a slow one but with excellent grades

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– PUBLIC COMPETITIONS AND BANDS OF SCHOLARSHIPS: By now the only things for which the degree mark is really decisive, given that often they foresee (even if not always) the barriers to access them (from 100, from 105 or some others require just 110).

So, to conclude, let’s say that the degree mark is not to be considered useless. Simply less influential and decisive than once.The factors for which this happens are many (the proliferation of the University in which to graduate is a walk to say the first among all). We just have to take note of it.

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