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Go to discover and experience first hand the experience of studying at a university in the United States is a very exciting opportunity and highly forming but, as is logical, it requires certain costs to estimate. First, as a preliminary step, it is appropriate to calculate the expenses due to the daily life in the country / city in question. From food to housing to stay, the possible price of the transport ticket to the smaller daily outputs of money for various reasons. Sometimes snubbed and / or not considered with due notice, these costs only represent a good share of the costs for those who want to study in a stars and stripes college.


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As for the college tuition instead, obviously it varies from university to university. The most prestigious universities will be in your field, the more they will raise the cost of registration fees. On average, in a year, the tuition fees are around 30,000 dollars, a figure that increased further when considering universities from high-sounding name and “5-star super-luxury”, such as Princeton or Harvard; in these cases, in fact, the odds are rising but surpassing 44,000 dollars in 12 months. Then by calculating all the years needed to complete studies (minimum 4, but in some cases even more), the travel, the cost of living, taxes and other expenses, according to recent studies a member of a US college may be forced to see come out from their pockets a considerably higher figure, which could even exceed one hundred thousand dollars overall. All is not lost however.

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Given the obvious controversy, the American university system has come up for some time now various stratagems to help in some way, those who could not afford these figures not just from seasonal sales. For this reason, we have been set up school bags , which in turn are divided into two subcategories: Scholarships and Grants. In the first case, the students win these concessions because of academic or sporting merit; in the second case, however, it comes to reductions purely economic in nature and calculated from the Department of Education. Thus the cost of the lines can be reduced to about 20000 dollars per year. An extraordinarily high figure, but it could fall further in the coming years and allow, to anyone who wants to try their hand, to experience a unique opportunity which is precisely to study at a university in the United States.

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