How are tutorials online

Thanks to the new technologies we can attend online classes with the convenience of staying at home, often choose an option that many students who study and work. In this article, we will explain how these types of interactive classes are taught and increasingly more closely resemble the attendance of a class attendance.

How tutorials online work

Times are changing and private lessons online are a good choice at exam time and if we cannot or do not want us to follow a rigid schedule and an offset. According to our needs we can hire more or fewer classes and its operation is as follows:

tutorials online

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Internet: Classes are received via videoconferencing, which are possible from anywhere with the only requirement to have a network connection. Students receive a link to be well connected or password to access the platform. The audio and video are critical to immerse ourselves in these classes.

We need a webcam, headset, and sometimes, a device that allows digital writing.

You welcome to the virtual classroom. In these classes, it uses a virtual whiteboard, students displayed directly on the screen and where the teacher resolves doubts and exercises. On the board, itself can be shared explanatory documents, of course, students can download at any time.

Classes Recorded: The student has the videos to access them whenever and if you are in doubt. This is useful to review the content of the subject every time you want.

Flexibility Time: It is the student who chooses what time receive classes. Hire the hours and days that best suit you. It is possible that in some cases more share classroom with students, depending on the schedule chosen.

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Professors and students do not share the same origin sometimes. As it is a online classes, often teachers and students do not always share the same location. In fact, the most common is that each comes from a different city.

Price cheaper than a conventional class: Each session costs between 6 and 20 dollars, Symbol Function the number of students, the level of the class and the number of classes that we hire. There are bonuses available that lower cost, in case you need enough classes.

Being a kind of novel teaching, doubts may arise whether we want or we like their approach. For this reason, some platforms propose to get a free trial class for the student knows the service.

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