Good habits to have a good relationship with yourself and with the study


What are the good habits for having a good relationship with oneself and with the studio? The key to success is balance. Find out how to achieve it with the advice of the psychologist…

How To Have A Good Balance In The Studio

A good psychological and physical balance is always important, we all repeat: doctors, psychologists, nutritionists … but what does it mean “good balance aimed at achieving good results”? What really facilitates the achievement of a goal without getting stressed? The risk is often that of referring to external models: the model always in shape, the trendy character who is trendy and who always seems at the top, the super-efficient friend, the intellectual on duty! It is human and instinctive to look outside of us, but it is also very misleading.

Attention To The Models

When we think about achieving perfection, for example in the studio, in physical well-being, in performance of any kind, in aesthetics, we are already starting off on the wrong foot because we are asking a lot, perhaps too much to ourselves. If we then do it with an external model, the risk is to chase a fake image. Absolute perfection is an illusion of the mind that does not exist in reality, not even outside of us, while there exists what makes us feel good, that makes us feel at peace with ourselves and with others. Wellbeing then passes through the knowledge of what we are, our tastes, our faults, our desires. Starting from this, we can improve ourselves and give the right place to what we have to do and what we want to do, in a real healthy and beneficial balance for us.

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How To Find Reachable Models

Let’s take a few examples: if I love eating a lot, it’s good to convince me to go down a little compromise with my body. This does not mean to avoid paying attention and leaving everything to chance, but it means avoiding drastic diets, unless it is necessary for important health issues.

If I am a lazy person, not very sporty and dynamic, having to do sport for a matter of well-being, I will have to be able to understand what kind of physical activity I will be able to tolerate better, with whom to carry it forward (a friend or a friend could to spur me?) to be able to practice it better over time, in a constant and perhaps fun way, without giving up soon!

If I love studying but I am a bit of a slave to the vows because I demand very high performances, it will be better to find a well-organized, more than intense or stressful rhythm, because I could be very disappointed by the results that are not always excellent while on the contrary, if they are lazy, it will be better to find adequate synthesis strategies rather than just open the books. In short, the requests we make to ourselves must take into account what we are, to avoid failures and frustrations.

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You Need Awareness Of Our Mechanisms

Each of us has its own specific metabolism, its rhythms, its limitations and pretending that there are not or that they are different can only lead to hardships and failures! So how can we get to know each other better?

There are several ways, all very useful, which can be chosen according to their nature, their predispositions or their tastes …

  • Meditation or yoga activities that stimulate mind / body balance awareness
  • Activities in contact with nature or animals that have a very beneficial effect on the psycho-physical balance and stimulate calm and reflection
  • Psychological counseling meetings aimed at achieving the objectives, based on a good knowledge of themselves
  • Artistic and cultural activities related to music, art, theater, reading, painting or sculpture which, through creativity, facilitate the knowledge and the exploration of ourselves

Find An Activity To Take Care Of You

Of course, several activities can be practiced at the same time, but already finding the space for one of these would be a good habit to give to oneself. All of this will have a positive impact on your balance and therefore also on your ability to achieve school goals because a good balance between mind and body allows you to assimilate the information that the study of the subjects implies every day more quickly and effectively. You study better if you are better with yourself and those around us.

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