Five tricks to study with greater ease!

The example of memorization Matteo Salvo offers five tips to quickly learn what you are studying: now, that the school is about to end, a bit ‘of mental energy is more convenient for the latest checks!

The end of school can be a blow, especially thinking of the amount of study and checks that await us in these last days.

Yet, now you know, as in all things, just have a minimum of method and the tasks are resolved with greater ease: the study, for example, is essential to prepare (there are no other ways to learn!), But it is the quality of it makes the difference, and not the time taken.

Being on the books for hours thinking about something else is, for example, the best way to waste time and do not remember anything about the next day’s question!

study with greater ease

The King of Memory gives us some advice

Matteo Salvo, holder of the Guinness World Record for the memory, means a lot of techniques to make the most of his mnemonic faculties and has developed five basic points on which a student can build his school fortunes.

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Here they are for you to focus …

1. Turn tasks into a game

The first thing to do is to associate the moment of learning with a pleasant emotion: the tasks can also become a game!

Yes, it seems an impossible thing, but try to see it from a different perspective, maybe putting you with mom and dad and play who ends first!

2. Be filmed as you repeat the lesson

Getting filmed while exposing the concepts just studied allows then to see each other and to be able to correct those pauses or interlard that make speech less fluent. Also, it can be a lot of fun!

3. We learn to study “to explain”

A good strategy to become more autonomous and confident in oral exposure is to stop studying to learn. A contradiction? No, a strategy!

Easier to imagine explaining the lesson to someone who does not know anything, so as to understand if the notions have been internalized. In doing so, even without realizing it, everything will remain in your head

4. Set up a parallel diary

It is essential to have a diary that does not follow the classical course of the deadlines of the tasks. The trick is therefore to study the subjects the same day when new topics have been explained. Learning will be much faster. Tiresome? A little, but just get organized.

5. Start from the end

When you start to study a new topic, the best thing is to start from the last page, the one with the lesson map and the verification questions: this helps to better select the things that need to be highlighted.

Of course, the process requires commitment, but the greater concentration will be rewarded by faster learning and therefore more free time, without having to go back on tritium and back again even three or four times!

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