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How can you encourage participation in class?

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Participation in class

There is nothing more frustrating than illuminate to make active and participatory classes and find yourself suddenly with a wall of silence in a classroom full of teenagers, presumably, they should be willing to talk. What can you do about this common behavior without, on the other hand, your class becomes a chaos? Here are some ideas.


Class participation, if it has value to you, you must have a clear evaluation criteria: not so much to measure quantitatively, taking into account the new changes in evaluation skills, but to establish a series of indices of achievement these can be measured in a qualitative.

It is important that planning is defined in the educational program of your signature because it is the only way that students can access transparently to the evaluation criteria that will be applied to them. Continue reading

5 Obstacles to educational innovation

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Educational innovation

Educational innovation is as multiple as the risks and obstacles that may arise. This time, we help you to plan ahead and risk management problems.

1. Families occupied

The family setting is downright complex: it is becoming more heterogeneous, which is necessary to take this into account if our innovation applies to the work that the students have to do in your case or if it requires active participation of families.

2. Teachers exhausted

The burn out is not unique in offices very often we find teachers in a critical situation, with a lot of stress, fatigue and situations of exhaustion, anxiety and depression. An innovation requires a lot of work by all teachers or department team, so it is appropriate to assess the current situation of human resources that we have: if they do not win, things will not go well or your progress will slow over I due. Continue reading

How to cope with the needs of teachers replacement?

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The teachers who meet low replacement contracts, such as disease or normal pregnancies teachers are an essential and unavoidable element in all schools: manage change can be difficult, especially because they know their students and pupils and its peculiarities.

Academic support 

There needs to be a joint action centers for plans and reports meet certain standards, facing a inform potential substitute teachers and classroom teachers state or classrooms will find: can not mention confidential information in reports open without properly encrypted, as is obvious, but the reports can be comprehensive and rigorous, and should be open, they are anonymity identities. It is necessary to identify the groups that more intervention and care will be needed, generic problems every classroom and, if any, adjustments required by the students with special needs. Continue reading

How to Gain Valuable Life Experience in College

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We all know that going to college is a very valuable life experience in itself, but there are many ways that you can spend your time in college – some more beneficial than others. Depending on your attitude and your drive while you’re in college, you can really get a lot more or a lot less out of your 4 years than the rest of your peers. That’s why it’s so important that you find a way to do it right – a way that really works for you in particular. If you’re not sure how to approach this period in your life, here is how to gain valuable life experience in college. Continue reading

5 College Student Podcasts Worth Checking Out

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Let’s face it, while traditional radio isn’t dead (yet), podcasts are hotter than ever. If you’re a college student, you probably spend most of your day wearing a pair of earbuds. If so, you probably know that it’s great to listen to music, but sometimes you want a little change of pace. That’s why you should definitely know about some of the best talk shows to listen to. Here are 5 college student podcasts worth checking out. Continue reading

5 Things You Should Do While Studying Abroad

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Studying Abroad

There’s nothing like studying abroad in college. Not only do you get to take higher education courses, but you get to do so in a foreign country. This is a life-changing experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. That’s why you want to make sure you take advantage of everything you possibly can. Here are 5 things you should do while studying abroad. Continue reading

How to Start Planning Now for Life After College

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College is great, isn’t it? The classes, the lifestyle, the camaraderie and the stories are all aspects that we have come to know and love. Unfortunately, college isn’t forever! If you want your life to be even better after college then you better start planning now! Below I have assembled a few tips that you can start using today which will set you up for success for life after college. Remember, it’s never too early to start building winning habits! Continue reading