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Tips to improve spelling

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improve spelling

Whether you’re a teacher you want your students improve spelling, as if you are a father / mother you want your children to do or are a student and are aware that should improve these aspects, then I’ll explain some tips improve spelling and computer spell check is not your salvation.

List of words

The first thing you have to do is a list of words that you find difficult to identify you or that you have writing problems frequently. Practice again and again. Write the words at least 10 times; practice a little each day until you feel you type them correctly. Continue reading

Keys to choosing a summer camp

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summer camp

The key to choosing a summer camp suitable for our children is what many parents need to find in order to offer its small an ideal place to socialize with other children and keep learning.

The vast majority of people who were once a summer camp remember him as an unforgettable experience through which stronger and more independent they felt. Leave home, live with other people (sometimes even completely unknown) and distribute tasks among peers are some of its benefits. Continue reading

How to study math: 7 techniques multiply your note

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study math

Mathematics is a subject that is not indifferent to any student. Some love it and others hate it ; the latter being much larger than the first in most cases group. However, many of the students who hate math because they do not know how to study mathematics for good results.

Math is one of those subjects that study times have no direct connection with the note. As much as you have studied, if you are not able to fix the problem on the test, you’re lost. However, there are some techniques for learning mathematics that can make, regardless of your level, it serves more for your study time and you increase your chances of success. Even you may end up joining the group of math lovers! Continue reading

5 unconventional activities during holidays

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Activities during holidays

We all want to reach the Christmas holidays, winter / summer, Easter … Leisure, ultimately, to unwind and to recharge the batteries.

But suddenly, at school we loaded exercises and assignments to do at home and our free time is cut to 70%. Personally I think this time should be used to do the things you really enjoy doing, and with this I do not mean to sit on the couch and do nothing. You can do activities that motivate you and also provide you, both knowledge and experience.

Then I commented to 5 activities to do to make your free time is also fun, constructive. Continue reading

10 tips for future medical students

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Medical students

The races associated with the area of health require great dedication to service. That’s why to study nursing or medicine, you not only need a taste for subjects like science, biology and anatomy, but also a strong sense ethics and the need to ensure the welfare of patients, plus lots and lots of patience. That is why if you want to be a future doctorate, you must be sure what it is you want to do with the rest of your life, and also have to consider that is a much longer career than the rest. If you still know that you end up wearing a white robe and ensuring the health of people, then consider these 10 tips for future medical students.

1. Start your preparation before entering the U

If you know from the depths of your heart and your brain you want to be a doctor, and then start your homework before stepping university ground. Simple Search literatures that can help you get started in the world of medicine and if you have acquaintances that are part of it, ask for help regarding possible recommendations of material to acquire knowledge autodidact. If you start with basics, before reaching the U, when you touch start classes you will not be so lost and will cost less to acquire the pace of studies. Continue reading

After studying sleep improves memory

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sleep improves memory

A study has shown that when we learn new information, and then we fell asleep, we facilitate the implementation of this information in long-term memory. That is, after studying sleep increases the chances of us to remember the material studied.

The study

To perform the experiment, the psychologist Jessica Payne of the University Of Notre Dame was attended by 207 students. The experiment was to remember the meaning of a series of words that were new to them.

A division of all participants was conducted in two groups. Group 1 had to learn the words at 9 am. Group 2 would do the same at 9 pm. The next phase of the experiment would take place 12 hours after learning. In this phase, each group had to remember what I had learned 12 hours earlier. Continue reading

8 key principles to organize and use the time to maximum

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Organize and use the time

1. Set goals

This is a very common practice among organized individuals. Without a specific purpose, do not embark on a trip or you commit to a project.

Make a plan does not necessarily guarantee that it will go all perfect, but it helps channel your thoughts and your energy in the right direction. Nor is nice to have a ‘plan b’ backup, so do not be discouraged if things do not go as you thought.

  • Write your goals (no matter what level they are, but if you keep in mind if your goals are long, medium or short term from that point, create an action plan.)
  • Prioritizes
  • Set deadlines (thus there will always be a day when you have to finish your goal so you can move to the next)
  • Help yourself to someone (having someone next door with similar goals to yours or simply give you support, you’ll feel motivated to go forward)
  • Do not postpone things

Continue reading

Nature walks to improve your memory

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improve your memory

Many times when we are working or studying we are saturated and we took a little break. During this break we can roam around our house, walk down the street to evade or down the park opposite. A study has shown that the scenario we choose plays a very important role to continue to have memory in perfect condition when we return to the task after the break. Continue reading

How to know if you have dyslexia

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Reading and writing are complicated strategies to acquire. Most children learn to do without difficulty with a certain degree of maturity and a good educational environment.

However, for some children with development policy can be something truly complex. We are faced with children with dyslexia development.

If you are unsure if you or your child has it or not, then I will show you how to know if you have dyslexia. Continue reading

Looking at a the next day? Mode uses the technique focused and diffuse

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From small they have taught us that the best way to solve a problem is to focus on it and consciously use all your resources to solve it. Prepare a test is to sit in front of the book. To have an innovative idea you have to stop and explore all alternatives.

But is this the only alternative to learn and do it effectively and successfully?

There are two modes of thought, the focus mode and fuzzy. Both cannot be active at the same time. Continue reading