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How to study: A method to concentrate and memorize

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How to study

The thought of the questions, of the exams and how to study well is taking away your sleep? To help you keep your anxiety under control (a little okay, too much gets in the way and just) and place that everyone has his method and his preferences we at the office we thought to provide you with a study method to adapt to your needs. So, ready?

Here’s how to study well using a study method to focus and memorize quickly … Go! Continue reading

Quick learning techniques: What you need to know?

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Learn quickly by making less effort? In this article you will not only find out that it is not impossible at all, but I will show you how little tricks to your habits are enough to get great results.

Who would not want to learn new concepts, new languages and new theoretical or practical knowledge in a short time and in depth?

It is the dream of all of us!

Well, I do not promise you certain miracles, but if you want to find out how to learn to study, here you can find interesting ideas. If you put them into practice you will be able to quickly learn any topic! Continue reading

5 tips to concentrate in the study

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concentrate in the study

Would you like to learn how to concentrate better during the study? In this article I collected the best strategies to eliminate once and for all those damn distractions that seem not to want to give you peace.

You’ve finally decided to prepare an exam you’ve been postponing for months. This study session is very important. You sit down, start reading the book but … the cell phone rings, the television broadcasts your favorite program, you suddenly feel hungry and out of the children’s window they play football. Continue reading

10 Tips To Learn To Study Well

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Study Well

Having a good study method is essential for studying well and quickly. Taking good grades and improving one’s academic performance also means learning to study, because to study well, not only is the commitment necessary. We offer 10 tips on which you can base your study method.

Here are the rules to follow to study well and quickly! Continue reading

Simple guide to make a summary

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Writing a summary seems like a very simple thing, but in reality it is not so. Not everyone has a strong ability to synthesis but learn how to write a good summary you can! Follow these tips


Make a summary: it seems a simple, almost trivial thing. In fact, to make a summary you need a skill that you can develop over time and that will come in handy throughout your studies, from primary school to university. The summary is essential to be able to remember important concepts and concepts and can be used to simplify any type of text. There are some techniques and strategies that you can use to make an impeccable summary even if you do not have the gift of synthesis: if you fall into this category, follow our guide to avoid mistakes! Continue reading

How to prepare for an exam in a week

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prepare for an exam

How to study in a short time: you want to prepare a university exam in a week but you do not know how to do? Do not miss our tips!

How to prepare a university exam in a short time

Is it possible to prepare an exam in a week? In theory it is possible, aspiring, why not, even at 30 and praise. Unfortunately, however, not all cases are the same and the variables to be considered are many, from the difficulty of the subject to the number of pages to study, from the basic preparation you have on the exam topics (It is a subject that you like? Lessons are topics you already know many aspects?) to the determination, up to the capacity of memorization and learning in the short term you have. Continue reading

How to study quickly with fast reading techniques

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fast reading techniques

Do you have a lot to study and a short time to do it? A good ally for you could be the techniques of fast reading and memorization: these are methods with a real scientific foundation that will allow you to read any text more quickly, thus managing to gather more notions in a decidedly narrow period of time. In this guide we will give you some tips to approach these quick reading techniques and we will show you the most famous and effective … Continue reading

Tasks for summer holidays: How to create an effective roadmap

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Tasks for summer holidays

Homework for the holidays? No fear. You do not need to be reduced at the last minute: getting organized a bit you can get back rested and prepared.

We assure you – the sooner you start thinking about it, the sooner you get to the goal. And not only will you be much more prepared but, what matters, much less stressed: first of all because you have better distributed the study load spreading it in the months, then because you will have started to review again “fresh” notions and above all you will arrive with the tasks already ended a while, avoiding (useless) last-minute rides. Continue reading