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10 keys to understand the emotions that affect learning

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Emotions that affect learning

How does the mood to our learning or our students? Do people with autism have emotions? What if a student or a student has an emotional disorder? From epidemic is so fundamental to the teacher’s contribution we bring…

The emotions that impact on learning are in a spectrum

It has conducted a study precisely around this; they conclude that these feelings do not exist as a nebula, but in 5 different spectra: each spectrum so peculiar affects the overall performance. They are the following

  • Anxiety – Confidence
  • Boredom – Fascination
  • Frustration – Euphoria
  • Anime – Discouraged
  • Terror – Incantation

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6 Rules to break with the objectives

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A more meaningful and deep learning must include the domain of the scheduled academic content, critical thinking, problem-solving capacity problems, collaborative work, an improvement in skills related to communication and autonomy in managing own student learning.

It looks gorgeous, right? As precious as unattainable … or not. How can you achieve such an ambitious goal? The AIR study gives an idea of these practices, aimed at promoting academic autonomy of the students in the broadest sense. Continue reading

How can you improve the academic performance of your students?

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academic performance

Usually, we can find complicated classes where it is difficult to advance: either because the class has a particular idiosyncrasy, for lack of resources and the consequent overcrowding classroom or because, due to whatever reason, find some resistance and poor receptivity of students to our subject. What can we do?

The first thing to consider is that each of these steps can be simultaneously applied to others, and no longer simple ideas, a generic script: spare part or not depends on the good teacher judgment of the reader depending on your subject, students, center… Continue reading

Career Advice for New College Grads

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New College Grads

When you first get to college, there is a good chance that you won’t be ready to think about your career yet. In fact, “career” may be a word that isn’t even in your vernacular. However, it is very important to think about your career as early as possible in your college years – all the way until the moment you graduate. The truth of the matter is that you want to be ready for the real world the moment you take off your cap and gown. Continue reading

How to Tackle Your Student Loan Costs

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Student Loan Costs

Student loans can be a heavy burden. This is especially the case when you graduate. Ideally, you want to get to focusing on starting your career, which could take some finessing. However, if you have student loans, you may get a part time job with no room for growth just to make ends meet and to pay back your debts. This is the last situation you want to be in because it could hinder your growth. Continue reading