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How much is the degree mark really worth?

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degree mark

Many students take a great deal of their graduation grade. Who for the possibility of a better placement at a professional level and some even for a personal gratification at the end of a long and tiring course of study.

Many are those who, just to reach the much desired 110 (perhaps with praise), they prefer to wait a little longer to complete their studies, preferring a good evaluation with respect to concluding the University in time.  Continue reading

What are the most difficult subjects in Economics?

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First of all, it must be considered that the difficulty of a subject is certainly not always the same: in fact much changes both depending on the student’s attitudes and second (and perhaps above all) the rigidity of the teacher and his assistants. However, today we want to provide you with an article in which we will indicate the most difficult subjects to Economics. This is a ranking that many of the students of this degree will certainly share. Continue reading

How to make a good introduction to an academic work?

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academic work

You’ve already thought about the subject of your essay and it’s time to start, but something slows you down: how do you write an introduction? Know below how to make the introduction that every academic document should have.

The beginning or introduction of any text is fundamental to create the “hook” of the reader and to be motivated to read the total content. Do not know the best way to get it? Discover below different strategies to write an effective introduction, that anticipate the rest of your academic document generating intrigue and interest. Continue reading

15 Best Book Cover Designs of All Time

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Whether you’re hiring a professional or using a free book cover maker, design is important.

If you’re trying to come up with a design, it can be helpful to take some direction from the experts. Looking at amazing covers can give you inspiration for your own.

Here are 15 of the best book cover designs to get you started.

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange has been inspiring writers since it came out, but it has been inspiring designers, too.

The bold primary colors give the cover a simple, timeless look. But the illustration with its one cog-like eye turns what could be childish into something sinister.

The eye perfectly captures the theme of clockwork while alluding to the main character’s use of mascara.


This classic novel has had many covers over the years, but none capture the spirit of it quite as well as this one.

The old-fashioned typography and coloring immediately places the reader’s mind in the proper era.

The eye at the bottom gives you a sense of feeling watched, perfectly capturing the “big brother” theme of the book.

Against Happiness

Not all book covers have to be complex. Against Happiness features simple, small curved text.

But the yellow backdrop immediately calls to mind the classic “smiley face,” which turns the curving text into a frown.

This simple design perfectly evokes a feeling of being unhappy without going overboard. It’s subtle and bright at the same time, making it very innovative.

The Bell Jar

This is another classic book with too many covers to count. But there’s something incredibly evocative about this particular one.

The circles give off a feeling of hypnotic hopelessness, of being trapped. You feel like if you stare at it too long, you’ll sink right in.

This perfectly captures the narrator’s feeling of despair and hopelessness. It captures her slow, spiraling descent.

The Road

The very simplicity of this cover is what makes it so brilliant.

On the surface, it seems like an innocent enough picture of two people walking. But as you look at it, the silhouettes of the dead trees hint at something much more sinister.

This perfectly captures the feeling and themes of the book without being overly morbid.

Procession of the Dead

Horror covers are difficult to pull off. You want them to be sinister without being off-putting. There’s a careful balance you need to achieve.

Procession of the Dead pulls this off perfectly. Making the title out of the shadows of cut-out letters is a particularly nice touch.

This cover evokes a feeling of dread like something is lurking in the shadows.

Fahrenheit 451

Everyone has probably seen this iconic cover at one time or another.

But the image of a man made of burning books is one that immediately gives the reader a feel for the story.

It also adds an extra layer of meaning that the book dances around but does not say — the idea that by destroying books, we are destroying ourselves.

Lord of the Flies

This kind of cover won’t work for everyone — it’s a bit hard to read, so for books less iconic than this one, the typography would not work.

But the way that this cover invokes a Rorschach ink blot test immediately gives the reader a sense of psychology.

It plays into the themes of death and human nature perfectly.

Everything Leads to You

We love how this book cover takes the title literally. The text slants towards the figure in the center of the cover — leading to her.

This gorgeous design matches the feel of the book’s title perfectly without being over the top or obvious about it.

The typography also gives off a feminine feel without being incredibly traditional about it. It’s a great example of modern book covers.

Little Red Riding Hood

We love the beauty of this book cover. The way that the figure’s red cape makes up part of the “R” makes it instantly iconic.

Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood, so just seeing that R would be enough to tell you what that book is about. It’s a beautiful design.

The Wealth of Nations

This beautiful cover takes a different approach than most covers for this book.

While most invoke an old-fashioned feel, this one makes the story feel timeless with a simple, line-art based design.

The white cut out of the hand and the birds effortlessly conveys a sense of authority, and the simple font of the title allows the design to take center stage.

On Trails

This is a design that says a lot with just a little.

The way that the simple “trail” goes through the “o”s in the title and author’s name invokes the feeling of a journey. You get the sense that you’ll be “passing through” various experiences.

The shining gold text also lends this book a bit of adventure that simple black and white would not.

The Stargazer’s Sister

This image of the woman getting overwhelmed by the star design says a number of things.

We get the sense of female empowerment by having the woman looking straight at the camera, giving her a sense of fearlessness.

Even with such a slight view of her face, we know immediately that this is a period novel.

The Lesser Bohemians

This book cover was named as Buzzfeed’s most beautiful cover of 2016, and it’s easy to see why.

The innovative way that the text cuts into the image are immediately striking and eye catching.

The simple font works in its favor, letting the unique design of the image cut into strips take the main focus while still being legible.

Good on Paper

This design is perfect — giving the effect of lined paper but with the lines, all jumbled, subverting the idea of order and clear-cut solutions.

Everything from the coloring to the font was clearly chosen with a lot of care. Having the text hanging off of the skewed lines gives the feeling that everything is hanging by a thread, ready to fall.

Creating a research culture

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research culture

The research is powerful. Ownership of students can be created in the classroom. You can validate the passions and interests of our students. However, creating a research culture requires constant work. Teachers have to establish from day one in the classroom, and work to keep it vital throughout the year. Here are some important things you should know about creating that culture, and some ideas you can consider. Continue reading

Scholarships to study six months in China

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Scholarships in China

If your intention is to spend a period abroad are all the scholarships to study in China substantially free…

Scholarships China: Description

Are offered the courses of Bachelor’s Degree (本科生), Master’s Degree (硕士研究生), Doctor’s Degree (博士研究生), General Scholar (普通进修), Senior Scholar (高级进修). This is full scholarships for the academic year 2016/17 open for other citizens. Scholarship students must complete the study within the time limit and indicated on the CSC website; in principle the duration of the study program can not be extended. The scholarship covers the entire period of study in China according to the program chosen by the student.  Continue reading

Class vs Teaching Online: Do you need different teaching methods?

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Class vs Teaching

Many educators who start teaching online believe that they can make the transition easily from teaching in a traditional college classroom to an online classroom.

Educators who have taught in a traditional classroom are often surprised to discover that online teaching requires a different teaching strategy, and even using a different set of skills, the first time they have knowledge of a virtual learning environment. The transition can be fairly easy for some educators, especially if they have become accustomed to teaching in a particular way and have not had to change (or have been unwilling to change) their approach to the instructional classroom.

Online teaching is not just about learning how to set up an online classroom and adding learning resources; is a question of how the class and form of the instruction used is taught. To become an instructor effective online not to be thought given as to how technological tools are used, how to translate traditional communication in digital media, and how to evolve from an instructor who stands in front of a class and directs the Flow conversations and interactions to someone who can facilitate and guide the learning process, to keep students interested and engaged in the course. Learning to teach online requires having an open mind and a willingness to learn, in addition to making an adjustment for the time needed to implement new methods, while monitoring the effectiveness of instruction until excellence is achieved. Continue reading