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Memorizes more and better: 5 Tricks to get

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Often, we plan doubts about what are the most effective ways to remember the lesson, and the vast majority of you think that doing crazy things like not sleep or live glued to a book is the best way.

Nothing is further from reality.

There are different forms of study, although not as intense, if they are easier to follow and more effective…

1. Change your environment

Habits are fine, but the person stunned and brain.

Change your desk, or kitchen table, for new spaces of the house. Even go out, not only the library can be a place of study, a tree park, café … places and different things to relate the lesson with something.

A new scenario will create new partnerships and will make it easier to remember new information. Continue reading

Tips to improve spelling

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improve spelling

Whether you’re a teacher you want your students improve spelling, as if you are a father / mother you want your children to do or are a student and are aware that should improve these aspects, then I’ll explain some tips improve spelling and computer spell check is not your salvation.

List of words

The first thing you have to do is a list of words that you find difficult to identify you or that you have writing problems frequently. Practice again and again. Write the words at least 10 times; practice a little each day until you feel you type them correctly. Continue reading

Ways which you yourself boycott on tests?

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boycott on tests

Sometimes we think are the nerves, others that it is the teacher, other that the examination was too difficult or maybe not study enough … the low grade on a test may be for many reasons but only you who are you boycotting to make it worse. It is true that there are tests that your note may depend on your future and it is normal to want to get the best possible note, but you forget the bad habits.

Here are some ways in which it is possible that such actions are affected your score, once you know and learn to solve, can cope much better the next review and give an opportunity for your score even higher. Continue reading

How are tutorials online

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tutorials online

Thanks to the new technologies we can attend online classes with the convenience of staying at home, often choose an option that many students who study and work. In this article, we will explain how these types of interactive classes are taught and increasingly more closely resemble the attendance of a class attendance.

How tutorials online work

Times are changing and private lessons online are a good choice at exam time and if we cannot or do not want us to follow a rigid schedule and an offset. According to our needs we can hire more or fewer classes and its operation is as follows: Continue reading

Keys to choosing a summer camp

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summer camp

The key to choosing a summer camp suitable for our children is what many parents need to find in order to offer its small an ideal place to socialize with other children and keep learning.

The vast majority of people who were once a summer camp remember him as an unforgettable experience through which stronger and more independent they felt. Leave home, live with other people (sometimes even completely unknown) and distribute tasks among peers are some of its benefits. Continue reading

The school of the future through the early programming

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I remember how my mother was one day to late at night sewing, drawing and preparing the costume, bunch of grapes, he had to wear to school the next day because I was learning the vowel U on the agenda. So we learned. Without technologies and everything “by hand”.

Times have changed a lot. A good example of this is in Singapore that from this year, changed its method of learning, making programming a core subject. Students begin to learn from three years to develop the “computationalthinking”. Continue reading

How to study math: 7 techniques multiply your note

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study math

Mathematics is a subject that is not indifferent to any student. Some love it and others hate it ; the latter being much larger than the first in most cases group. However, many of the students who hate math because they do not know how to study mathematics for good results.

Math is one of those subjects that study times have no direct connection with the note. As much as you have studied, if you are not able to fix the problem on the test, you’re lost. However, there are some techniques for learning mathematics that can make, regardless of your level, it serves more for your study time and you increase your chances of success. Even you may end up joining the group of math lovers! Continue reading

5 unconventional activities during holidays

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Activities during holidays

We all want to reach the Christmas holidays, winter / summer, Easter … Leisure, ultimately, to unwind and to recharge the batteries.

But suddenly, at school we loaded exercises and assignments to do at home and our free time is cut to 70%. Personally I think this time should be used to do the things you really enjoy doing, and with this I do not mean to sit on the couch and do nothing. You can do activities that motivate you and also provide you, both knowledge and experience.

Then I commented to 5 activities to do to make your free time is also fun, constructive. Continue reading

Why they are so valued the MBA?

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The MBA are especially valued today by the general knowledge of the company as well as global and strategic vision of it that provides the student.

Immersed in an increasingly globalized world, where competition is considerable and the borders have disappeared, organizations have to face this new situation with a quality education behind them. Beyond the level of their level of knowledge, companies are looking for young professionals with leadership skills, can work together in highly competitive environments, have international vision and initiative. Continue reading