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How Much Do American Universities

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Go to discover and experience first hand the experience of studying at a university in the United States is a very exciting opportunity and highly forming but, as is logical, it requires certain costs to estimate. First, as a preliminary step, it is appropriate to calculate the expenses due to the daily life in the country / city in question. From food to housing to stay, the possible price of the transport ticket to the smaller daily outputs of money for various reasons. Sometimes snubbed and / or not considered with due notice, these costs only represent a good share of the costs for those who want to study in a stars and stripes college. Continue reading

How To Choose The Topic Of The Thesis

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How to choose the topic of the thesis can be a long process. Here are some tips to understand how to move…

How To Choose The Topic Of The Thesis

The curriculum of the college student culminates, as we all know, with the writing of the thesis, the discussion in the classroom and the proclamation ceremony. After months of preparation, the end result of what you have written will determine your vote. However, the thesis has several inherent problems, which require additional efforts. One of them is undoubtedly the choice of topic on which the elaborate focus. This is not a quick or easy decision, but it can lead to a considered decision on the topics to be developed. Below we will propose some useful tips on the choice of topic of thesis. Continue reading

Tips to choose the right university for you

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The choice of the faculty to be attended after high school will be crucial for the rest of life, but too often without much deliberation taken here is what to assess to choose the right course of studies.

Choice Of The University: A Passage Fundamental

The time to choose the university to attend after high school is, needless to say, very important, because the course of study could give you the job of your life. Yet often this decision is made with superficiality, even for the short time (up to July, the graduates are engaged with the maturity), but above all for a widespread certain indecision in the face of such an important choice. The consequences of careless selection could not be indifferent, including steps to different courses, money and time lost, not to mention the discomfort and discouragement, which is why it is important to make an informed decision, considering some important aspects. Continue reading

How to calculate the final mark: The appropriate approach

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The calculation of the potential vote in the last exam center is always a mystery to students. Here’s how it’s done.


It is not always clear to the ‘average’ student the method for the calculation of your final grade. How? What are the factors taken into account? It’s all very simple. Assuming that not all universities follow the same method of calculation, the most common one refers to the weighted average rating. It is clear that the degree mark is expressed in one hundred and ten. And it is equally clear that the weight of your votes during the university career influence the final score. But let’s go step by step: first you need to calculate the mean vote obtained by multiplying every vote exam by the number of credits (also called credits) associated with the matter (which we call weight). Continue reading

Prescott Papers

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8 spelling rules

Prescott Papers is a popular name among the modern students who depend on nothing short of the highest quality for their college projects, term papers and/or any writing requirement. Prescott papers has build a reputation of delivering extremely well researched and written, customised papers for projects and assignments of hard pressed students. Continue reading

Master’s or specialist? The two comparison options

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Masters or specialist

Master’s or specialist? A question that haunts many thousands of students struggling with important decisions about their future


Make a nice first-level master or continue their university studies and complete it by obtaining the master’s degree? Well it … this application is among the most generation of college students today. It is not hard to imagine why, since it is like the question: I attend a specialized course that directs me to work with a financial investment or rest in universities with a considerable investment of time? Continue reading

Humanistic culture 2.0: Instructions for Use

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Little known and is sometimes considered the last resort for students without a compass and have even taken the trouble to study something, the CDL is instead a great opportunity.


Keep the national and international assets in a safe and totally innovative way, always best to store libraries of great importance and rich knowledge, create new approaches to the use and survival of human knowledge: this and more aims to train his students a degree program all over again, the one in Humanities. If, as many that I have spoken, you are still confused and not sure, what the heck it is, let me give you a clearer picture once and for all. Continue reading

How to survive the university exams

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Here are some “survival tips” to face the best university exams and get results without despair about books.

Days spent on university tomes, coffee in spades, post-it notes scattered around the room with formulas and definitions to remember. The days always seem too short and paragraphs are too long. The day of reckoning is near. Yes, we are in the middle of the examination session. If you’re also preparing the final exams that separate you from the end of the session, today we offer you this brief “survival guide” to help you confront and better organize your days of study. If you want to try to ‘shorten’ the path and Analysis 2 just messes you around, maybe it’s better if you rely on some tricks of the trade. Continue reading

3 Technical Qualifications to Make Better in Oral Examinations

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If the oral examination is for you, condemnation tries one of these proven study techniques.

1. Cicero Technique!

I think we all know Marcus Tullius Cicero, the great Roman orator of all time. This is very useful, particularly, in the long speeches. The next time you study a complicated section, a concept, try to associate that particular concept or speech to a place you know. I do not know, for example the kitchen of your grandmother, or your room. Cicero called the method of loci, or places in Latin. In fact, our mind naturally associates the images with certain concepts. We try to exploit this principle, this innate characteristic of our brain! Imagine, once in front of your examiner, to retrace and cross suits the rooms that you have associated, including corridors and connecting zones. This technique, the Board only in speeches or presentations. It is a mnemonic technique, like the other two, then most probably if you were to be stranded for a question or something else, not so simply be sharing. Continue reading

The method of loci to remember and express ourselves better

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The method of loci is one of the oldest recordings and effective techniques ever. Here’s how it works and use it efficiently.

Technique of Loci: A New Method of Study

To give university exams have to memorize a lot of information and organize them into a coherent and articulate speech. So come to our rescue technique of loci, already used by Cicero to keep his brilliant and effective prayers. You have to think of a place you know very well, which is familiar to you and that you usually attend. It may be your home or the way you drive to go to college. You must know that you have to mentally visualize and know well the details. So in your mind already exist in the reference points you have stored over time, albeit unintentionally and without effort! This offers a great advantage, because now you just have to associate any new information that studies to an area or a specific detail of the place you have chosen. Continue reading