Attorney Examinations: How it works, written tests and oral

How to overcome the attorney exams: how the competition to become lawyers, and how to overcome the written tests and the oral interview.

Exercise the legal profession is the dream of many young students. Become lawyers is for many young people a goal to be achieved with commitment and perseverance. In fact the years of study and apprenticeship anticipating graduation, involve many sacrifices. First, in order to obtain a license, you must have a law degree. Then we have to carry out a period of apprenticeship in a law firm for a period of 18 months in total. Finally, there is to pass the exam of Advocacy that provides for the holding of three written tests and oral.

Every year in groped to overcome, the attorney exams are many candidates. In many cases the robes aspirants have already tried at least once to overcome this hurdle. In fact, the entire examination process lasts about a year. And if no one is allowed in any of the tests, it must wait until next year to start all over again. It is, therefore, a fairly complex competition, for which there is a specific preparation and very varied. But how does the exam lawyer? What are the tips for overcoming the written and oral interview?

We see in detail how it performs the exam to obtain a license to carry forensic practice. And what do they consist of written tests and oral.

Attorney Examinations

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What is it and how to overcome the written tests and the oral test?

As specified by the examination notice that governs the process of the competition, the first part of the exam includes the drafting of three legal opinions. The first test requires the preparation of a reasoned opinion under civil law. The second test requires the preparation of a written reasoned opinion to criminal law. While in the third and final written test, it consists of the preparation of a judicial document on a proposed question on the subject selected by the candidate in civil law, criminal law and administrative law.

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The written part is also the most feared. But fortunately there are specific sites on which you can find notes and advice, as the section examinations attorney.

But also the trials carried out in previous years, and start right away to put to test their preparedness.

The second part of the attorney exam consists of an oral interview. Only those who have successfully passed the three written tests will have access to the hearing, which is divided into two parts. In the first part of the interview the candidate discusses the written test, proving to the committee to know the topics and subjects tested. In the second part of the interview, the commission will submit the candidate several questions that might relate to 5 materials to choose from: constitutional law, civil law, commercial law, labor law, criminal law, administrative law, tax law, civil right, right criminal procedure, private international law, ecclesiastical law, Community law.

The oral examination is concluded with the demonstration of order and forensic knowledge of the lawyer’s code of ethics. Many candidates are forced to repeat the examination even more than once. In fact, each test has its own minimum scores, without which you are forced to repeat back the entire competition.

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